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warnings: spanking, safeword usage, crying, self hate


"didn't i tell you to stop bothering me, jimin? i'm really busy, can't you wait for just an hour till i reach home?!"

jimin flinched at the sound of his daddy harshly whispering into his own phone, the little's two hands shakily holding on tightly to the phone.

"minnie's sowwy, d-daddy.. jus' wanted daddy to come back soon.."

namjoon huffed,"just an hour, baby. i'm in a meeting, is anything wrong?"

jimin shook his head before forgetting that namjoon couldn't see him and squeaked out a soft,"n-no, daddy."

namjoon hummed and hanged up, leaving jimin to stomp his foot, frustrated.

why couldn't his daddy just come home, already? he wanted him to play games with him and cuddle!

jimin growled at his stuffed toys, picking one up and throwing it across the room, a small smirk falling on his lips when he got an idea.

daddy'll have no choice but to talk to me then!

he giggled to himself, another poor plushie flung across his babyblue walled room as he snickered.

jimin grabbed his set of crayons, small hands grazing over each coloured stick as he grinned, picking up a blue one.

wouldn't it just look fantastic with his lighter blue walls?

his hands freely scribbled over the walls, drawing small 'masterpieces' on them.

blue pictures of smiley faces and small scribbling of his own and namjoon's names appeared, smiling devil emojis alongside messy wordings-- 'daddy'.

half an hour later jimin huffed, dropping his crayon and admiring his piece.

his daddy would now have no choice but to pay attention to him!


jimin heard shuffling from outside the door, keys jingling and he excitedly ran outside, nearly forgetting about the mess he made.

"daddy! you're back,"jimin giggled happily, throwing himself into namjoon's arms as his caregiver chuckled,"baby, i have to make a little phone call first, okay?"

jimin pouted, but decided to play his best just to decrease the punishment he will probably have to face later on.

his smile dropped, why was jiminie so dum' ?!

"o-okay, daddy! please be quick, minnie wanna cu-cuddwe.."

namjoon smiled at his boyfriend's sudden attitude, and nodded, before walking slightly away and starting his call.

jimin pouted, his little mind trying to think of ways to stop himself from getting punished.

he bit onto his lip, anxiety creeping in as he thought of his daddy being mad at him and not wanting to cuddle, tears welling up in his eyes.

bracing himself, he heard namjoon's exasperated yell from his room,"PARK JIMIN!"

the little let out a sob, shakily stumbling over to his room as he saw his daddy, red faced and phone in hand, fingers tightly wrapped around them.

"park jimin. what is the meaning of this?"namjoon calmly gritted out, scaring jimin, his calm demeanour not fooling him- namjoon rarely used his full name.

"m-minnie's s-s-sowwy! minnie--"

namjoon growled, making the little feel smaller and more terrified.

jimin sobbed out, his hands shaking beside him as he choked out,"daddy, m-minnie's so s-sowwy! j-jus' wanted d-daddy--"

"park jimin, my room, now."

namjoon stomped out the room with a angry sigh, jimin shuddering as he shivered.

he started full on crying, fear engulfing him.

he knew what namjoon wanted to do- he was going to spank him. jimin never liked spanks, and at this rate, the number would be unimaginable!

jimin softly stepped into his daddy's room, namjoon already glaring at him.

"i've told you to patiently wait for me, must you always be a brat, jimin?! i'm being so good to you, and how do you repay me? you make a mess!" namjoon yelled, "over my lap, twenty, now!"

jimin flinced, his tear covered cheeks flushing as he hesitantly slumped himself over namjoon's knee, who easily slipped off the boy's boxers.

"d-daddy i'm sowwy-"


jimin's lips parted, eyes widening with tears as he screamed in surprise and pain, he knew namjoon wanted him to count,"o-one!"

was his daddy going to comfort him, even a little--


jimin cried out, more tears falling as he choked,"t-twO!"






"e-ah! ewi-eight!"


jimin stunned, eyes hooded as he gasped silently, nearly forgetting to count as he choked out a soft "n-nwine."

it was back- they were back.

the voices.


see how joonie isn't even caring how you feel, jimin?

he hates you. you're fat, small and useless. utterly useless, just a messy troublemaker.

he sobs, another smack coming down as it mingles with the painful thoughts.

useless- useless, useless, useless-

'm just a toy-


"r-rWED-- RED, red, red, red, oh- oh my god, daddy 'm sowwy please, please- stop!"

namjoon's eyes widened, he hadn't noticed he had went too far.

he quickly pulled jimin up, hushing the crying and wailing boy as he frowned.

"baby? baby, i'm sorry, daddy went too far,"namjoon whispered, bouncing the crying little on his lap as jimin clutched onto his shirt, face snuggling into namjoon's neck as it wetted from his tears.

namjoon expected jimin to cry, to repeat how he was sorry and to say, at most, how he regretted being a bad boy, but what he did say was unexpected.

" 'm-'m sowwy daddy! p-pwease don't leave minnie, pwease don't throw minnie away! minnie will t-try- p-pwease. 'm sowwy for b-being u-useless and f-fat--"

namjoon pulled away, frowning, "you're not useless or fat,baby! you're pretty and amazing and thin! i would never leave you, you're my baby."

jimin sobbed,"j-jus' wanted daddy to talk and pway with minnie! he- he pwomised minnie two weeks ago- an'- and he hasn't even cuddlwed yet!!"

namjoon bit his lip, that was in fact true.

"baby, hey, look at daddy. i'm sorry, okay? how about we go cuddle now,okay? are you okay now?"

jimin nodded softly, burrowing his face in namjoon's neck again.

" 'm sowwy.."

namjoon kissed his head, "daddy's really sorry. i love you, okay?"

jimin nodded.

daddy loves minnie..

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