Welcome to the Rajwada

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Akira's pov

We landed on a private property and pilot announced that we are here, at the Palace. What it looks like is a big farm and some distance we saw a majestic Palace, the ones I had seen in movies.

Palace!!! What!!! I was unsure if this is the right place.

Anyways, we reached the ground and I found a jumping Smriti at a distance and a few people which I believe is staffmen.

She came running and hugged me.
You made it!!!! She squealed.

I said hi! And introduced her to my family. Vidit happily reached her and hold her legs. She took him in her arms and pinched his cheeks. He giggled.

Let's go in, the staffmen will take your luggage in your respective rooms. She said.

We all sat in a beautiful vintage car and reached a big gate made of iron and it has golden carvings on it.
We all were looking at it in awe.

Smriti nudged me and said- This is nothing....you have to see the insides.

We were welcomed by a
Showering of rose petals and Smriti said excited- Welcome to our Palace, our Rajwada.

And my my! This place actually seemed straight out of a fairytale. It was huge. The ceilings were adorned with beautiful carvings and had a huge chandelier at the centre.

We sat on the majestic sofa set. It looked like as if we were sitting in a royal courts of those golden eras of Indian royals.
We were served exclusive refreshments and Smriti told us- umm ...Akira I never got the chance to tell you this. This Palace actually belongs to the Rathores. This is our ancestral Rajwada.
My mom and dad were mesmerised by their surroundings.

An elegant lady, nearly in her 60's came to us and greeted all of us.

You must be Akira! She said smiling.

Err....yes...Ma'am.! I said.

What Ma'am....call me Tayi maa as smriti says. She told me all about your efforts and we are really obliged. It is so nice to have you all. Please feel at home. All your luggage have been placed in the southern wing of the palace on the first floor. I will have to take my leave as we have very less time for the preparations.

With that she left.
Turning around she said with a smile- I will see you tonight Akira!

Hmmm....that was so friendly. I was amazed at her warm behaviour.

We all were escorted to our rooms, Smriti was with me all the time talking about their history.
She seemed very attached and happy with this palace.
My parents got settled in their room.

And, Upon reaching my room, Vidit asked her, Smriti aunty when can I meet Kiyara? I have got gifts for her.

Smriti said- Wow! That's really thoughtful of you champ.

But Kiyara has gone somewhere with her daddy. She will be back soon, I will ask her to meet you then I will take you all on a tour.

I said- no need Smriti! You have been extremely kind to us. You have already a lot on your side. And also you have to try your ensemble.
Come I will show you all the dresses.

With that we came in my room which was nothing less than a luxurious suite.
I felt conscious but let it go.... it's her day...and I want everything to be perfect for her.

She was very happy to see her dress and I couldn't be more happier.

She called someone to take all the dresses to her room.

She said- Call me if you need anything and I can't wait to see you all tonight.

With that we were left in our room.
Vidit was super excited and started to jump on the fluffy bed.

Mumma, see this bed is so soft. I want one like this at our home.

I smiled at him and took him to freshen up.

I was amazed with the royality around us.
Anyways, soon it was time to lunch and as usual we had an exclusive lunch as expected.

Around four in the evening, Smriti came to my room along with Kiyara.
Kiyara jumped up to me and kissed me on my cheeks.
She is definitely just like Smriti. Very affectionate.

I said- Hello princess! How have you been? Did you give trouble to your aunt Smriti.

She said pouting- No, I am a very good girl. I never cause trouble.

I laughed at her antics. She is cute!

She then shook hands with Vidit and they started jumping on the bed singing some rhymes.

Smriti said- if you don't mind, can I send the kids to the play area? I assure you, they will be in safe hands. I need You to help me get ready. I want to look my best.

I said- Hey! You are so gorgeous already, I am sure your to be fiance will not be able to take his eyes off you. I patted her cheeks.

And we can send both the kids to play, I trust you! Also mom and dad will accompany them, if you don't mind.

She did a happy dance! I tell you she is still so childish.
let's go then! She said.

We left the kids at the play area with my parents and some staffs.

And Smriti took me to her dressing room and we sat together and after some time I began doing her styling. And my God! She looks stunning in her engagement ensemble.

I must say, Some Royal she is!

So guys, finally an update again.
Next part is going to be the start of Akira and Vikram's story.

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