Chapter 31: We Need Names

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They caught Toni up on the past couple of week's events, involving the Silver Scorpion, during the scarce fifteen-minute drive home. Though, Ryn had to admit, most of that time was spent shouting at Darcy for his negligent driving.

This was her second time in a wheeled vehicle - the same one at that - and she had yet to find a way to rid herself of the sick feeling that swelled within her stomach every time they took a corner.

The young woman had taken the tale well, her ability to remain shocked at anything the villain could do being dulled down after today's short but intense battle.

Most of them had escaped relatively unharmed; a few bruises and scrapes here and there, but nothing serious.

They had been lucky.

The last few minutes of the drive involved the six of them questioning Toni about her own powers.

'So... what exactly was it that you did to those people?' Jasper began. 'They dropped like flies at a single touch.'

'I'm, what most people would call, a psychic, of sorts,' she had replied slowly, cautiously, as if trying to choose words that would make the most sense. 'I can read and manipulate thoughts, dreams, and even memories to a certain degree, when in contact with someone. I only discovered last year that I could put people to sleep, as well. The trance only lasts for about an hour at the most, but... well it certainly came in handy today...'

'That, it most certainly did,' Elizabeth laughed. 'You came just in time. Another five minutes or so and the tide may have turned against our favour.'

'I'm just glad I could at least do something useful with my powers. It makes me feel worthier to have them, you know?'

Silence hung about the air between them all for several peaceful moments.

'So, I've seen a few things out in front of the Hall, but... what exactly can all of you-'

Toni was cut off abruptly as the van screeched to a sudden stop, the seven of them toppling into one another as they hit the van walls, the collision setting the metal ringing like a church bell.

'Darcy!' Elizabeth shouted, rubbing her head tenderly as she pushed herself from the tangle of limbs. 'Seriously?!'

There was a small pause, where the vehicle shuddered, the engine going silent.

And then...

'Sorry!' His voice carried through from the front, followed by a quiet chuckle. 'If it makes you guys feel any better... We're here.'

'Oh yeah, like that's really going to make this migraine go away...' Jackson grumbled.

'How have you never crashed this van?' Kiley uttered in disbelief, as they all gathered on the grass just outside of the gargantuan warehouse.

He must have driven them straight between the trees...

'I'm just that good,' Darcy grinned, before patting the snub-nosed bonnet of the black vehicle. 'Besides, she really holds up well, don't you think? Such a beautiful set of wheels.'

'You know...,' Elizabeth planted her hands on her hips, rolling her eyes. 'Sometimes I think he dotes on the van more than he does me.'

Darcy looked shocked.

'Babe-alicious, never!' He pouted, grabbing her hand and pulling her closer, where he planted a light kiss on the woman's lips.

'Oh, for crying out loud,' Elliot sighed dramatically. 'Public Display of Affection, anyone?'

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