Gotham Academy Samantha

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Samantha stood looking in the mirror.  Her eyes met Barbara's.  She smiled with her.  "You will be the most beautiful girl there today." Barbara said to her.  "But my uniform is the same as the other kids Mummy." Samantha said with incontinent eyes looking up at Barbara. "I know but they will not be you." Barbara said garbing her and tickling her.  "Mummy!" Samantha squealed as she squirmed in her Mothers arms giggling.  "Now say goodbye to Rachel, and Nanny Katie." Barbara said to the girl.  She watched as Samantha went over to the sleeping baby.  She stood on tiptoe to reach the baby.  With a gentle kiss in the head.  Samantha turned to Nanny Katie.  "You have a good day here with Rachel.  I will see you at lunch time." Samantha said to her with a smile.  She run to her Mother.  her world was filled with sunshine and daises.  Then Jim appeared out of nowhere in his police uniform.  

"Good morning all." He said Kissing Barbara.  "Wow what a surprise.  I thought you were too busy at work to day to do the school thing?" Barbara said to him.  "Well it turns out that I am owed a breakfast break.  So I thought I would take my two lovely ladies to school.  Then the art gallery. What do you say?" Jim said hugging and kissing Barbara again.  "No." Samantha whispered to herself.  "Yes, of course.  Come Samantha.  Jim is going to see you off to school with me.  Is that just the nicest thing ever?" Barbara asked.  "Yeah a real thrill.  I will get my bag." Samantha said.

"Oh My God how embarrassing."Samantha said as she slipped out of the squad car.  There were huge black cars all down the pick up drop off area.  But Samantha had to be dropped off in a police car.  Barbara was smileing her shinny white smile.  Jim holding her hand with his very proud grin.  Samantha wished the ground would swallow her up.  By the time she was taken into her class, Samantha had no interest at all in school.  Because the whole of the nob hill school now knew first.  She was a bastard.  Second she had a cop as her farther.  Neather appealing to anyone at school she was sure.  

Now with her bag in place.  It was time to meet Teacher.  Miss Marilyn.  She greeted Barbara and Jim.  Thanked them for showing Samantha to class.  Then pointed them in the right direction to leave the room.  But it was not just them.  She did this to all the families.  Once the parents were all out of the room she smiled.  "Well now class as you all know my name is Miss Marilyn.  I will learn yours soon.  Now lets find a seat and do some painting." She said with a bubbly upbeat voice.  Samantha went to sit down.  The girl sitting next to her moved.  Then two boys came and sat with her.  "Hello I am Bruce Wayne.  This is my brother Tony.  Nice to meet you." Bruce said to her.  Samantha looked at them as if they were aliens.  "Hello Samantha Kean.  You do know I have no Dad don't you?" She asked them.  "No. But I seen you with that police man.  That is what I want to do when I grow up." Tony said with a smile.  "Really?" Samantha asked.  She was wondering why any one would want to be like Jim Gordon.  "Yeah he must be really cool Huh?" Tony asked with a smile.  

That is how Samantha's first day at Gotham academy went.  Samantha was just so excited.  She sat with Nanny Katie telling her story of the day.  "Then these two boys came to sit with me.  You will never guess who they were.  Yep you can bet on it you will never guess." Samantha raved.  "Well if ya don't tell me soon I will have to go tend Rachel."Katie said.  "It was Tony and Bruce Wayne.  Tony wants to be a police man." Samantha said.  "So they seen you with Jim?" Katie asked.  "Yeah they seen us walking in.  They think living with a police man is so cool. Well Tony does.  He is the younger twin you know.  Whatever that means.  Nanny, I thought twins were just twins?" Samantha asked.  "Well one of them has to come out first." Nanny said laughing with Samantha..   

The next day at school.  Samantha all of a sudden had a lot of new friends.  The girl that had snubbed her the day before.  Wanted to know her name.  "Hi we met yesterday in class.  My name is Laura." She said to Samantha.  Because Barbara was there Samantha smiled and went with it.  "You have a lot of friends." Barbara said to her as they walked.  There was a lot of interest, a lot of Hi Samantha.  Nice to see you Samantha.  "They only want to know me because I have Tony Wayne as my friend." Samantha said.  "Really?" Barbara asked.  "Yes Mummy you heard me right.  I am friends with the Wayne boys." Samantha said.  "Of course you are darling." Barbara said.  Just then the big black car rolled up.  The old man got out and let the boys out of the car.  "Thank you Alfred." They said as they walked off into school.  "Hello Samantha." Tony called to her.  Bruce smiled and nodded at Samantha. "Bye Mummy." Samantha said as she run off with Tony and Bruce.  Barbara stood in shock as she watched as her daughter walked off with the Wayne boys.  They owned the whole darn town. 

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