I've Got You

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Todoroki's POV
How could he think that? He didn't do anything to cause this. I was brought out of my thoughts by Izuku crying more violently. I pull him closer, nuzzling into the crook of his neck. "Shhhh, shhhhh, it's okay, everything's okay. I've got you, nothing is going to happen as long as you're in my arms." I run my fingers through his hair and feel his breathing calm. It goes into a regulated speed, a few hicks here and there. He goes limp in my arms after a few more minutes. I gently kiss his cheek as everyone gets up to leave. We all decided to go back to the dorms and stay together, reporting the incedint to the school. I gently bounce Izu on my hip as we walk together in a close group. All of us on edge in case they decide to ruin our night again. We get back to school quicker than expected because of our fear filled quick pase. "Everyone got there buddy?" Momo asks as she tighens her grip on Jiro's hand. I nod and walk off to my dorm. Izu starts rushing around in my arms. His eyes flutter open to reveal to emerald orbs shining with his tears. I rest him on my hip and wipe away his tears. "We're almost there, then we can go to bed, okay cupcake?" He blushes slightly as he leans his head back on my shoulder. I start walking again and as I reach the door, I unlock it and walk inside. I set Izuku back on his feet any for him to stumble back onto me. "I'm feeling kinda weak." His voice fairly groggy and rocky. I pick him back up and set him on the bed. I go to my closet and grab two pairs of shorts and two random shirts. I walk back over to see him eyes half open and his body wavering back and fourth. I give a gentle kiss on his forehead. "Arms up." I slowing take off his shirt and slip on my very oversized one. I take off my jacket that was tied around his waist and tossed it in my laundry pile. I undo his belt and take off his pants, putting the shorts I had on right after. I quickly changed myself and laid down. He crawled on top on me and wrapped himself around me, hugging tightly. "Goodnight my love." I looked down and saw his ears turn a bright red as he buried his head further into my chest. I kissed his head wrapped my arms around his waist. He started to snore softly and relax. After a bit, I fell asleep as well.

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