Chapter 5

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"For moon's sake get your elbow out of my fucking organs." Lola growled at Micah making him pout as he moved away from her to sit back up in his own seat. Lola rubbed angrily at her midsection while glaring at Micah who shrugged at her, looking towards the floor with wide-eyes as though wondering why someone would be angry if you put your very sharp elbow in their tender mid-section.

Micah Lola and I all had my dad's super sharp elbows so we had to be a bit more careful than most when cuddling, Micah however wasn't really the careful sort. Especially during car rides. He was the most restless individual when he had to sit still for long, in particular in enclosed spaces which the SUV was despite how large it was. That was why no one wanted to sit with him for car rides, Nina used the excuse that they were both alphas so they had broad shoulders making it uncomfortable to sit together, leaving Lola and I to rock paper scissors it out between us.

For once I had won, and because of that I was sitting in the back with lovely mature Nina who was sitting upright in her seat reading a book quietly. I smiled at her feeling an intense sense of fondness towards my eldest sibling as Micah tried to lean against Lola again making her push him away. Which naturally led to both of them having a rather pathetic looking fight in which they just viciously slapped at each other's hands.

Nina looked up from her book, noticing my smile and reached over to squeeze my jaw affectionately before finally realizing the sound of hands hitting together was a fight and not the two playing clap games. She looked down at her book longingly for a moment before sighing and shutting it. Setting it to the side as she unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned forward, holding both of them apart as they struggled to continue slapping hands.

Mom and dad in the front were having a lovely time as they chatted quietly while poor Nina was struggling to keep the two idiots apart. Feeling bad for her I leaned forward, grabbing a hold of one of Micah's ears and used that to tug him away from Lola. He screeched dramatically until I let go, and I slapped his cheek lightly in reprimand before leaning back into my seat.

"Violent omega." My brother grumbled angrily.

"Moronic alpha." I replied making him turn around to give me the stink-eye.

"No one's violent and Micah you have your smart moments, now please just everyone be quiet." Nina said making Lola snort.

"Why'd you say Moon's sake, what is this the 1400's?" Micah asked Lola clearly not in the mood to let anyone be peaceful.

"One of my clients says it." Lola said defensively.

"Which one?" Micah asked leaning towards her in interest.

"You very well know I can't tell you that." Lola answered, pushing his face away with her hand.

"Give me a hint." He bargained.

"No." Lola answered.

"If I guess it correctly will you tell me if I'm right?" Micah asked.

"Absolutely not." Lola replied.

"You're so boring." Micah groaned turning to look out his window with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Yes, very boring being ethical and respecting client confidentiality." She said sarcastically.

"It's Mrs.Heatherton isn't it?" Micah asked after a moment of peaceful silence.

"I can't tell you Micah. Let. It. Go." Lola said through her gritted teeth making him mumble about her being no fun and settling down in his seat once more.

"Are we almost there?" I asked.

"Just five minutes." My mom answered. Normally we held pack gatherings at the pack house, but one of the elders wasn't feelings very well, and it was quite cold, so the elders had asked if we could have it at their home instead. The elders lived at the very end of the pack territory, closest to the town to minimize how much they had to travel when they wanted to go to town.

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