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It was about 4:30 in the morning. Everyone was at David's house sleeping. David and I couldn't do anything but sleep. We just couldn't fall asleep, after laying in his bed and tossing and turning, we decided to go on a late night drive.

"I think we should pull over and take a small stroll through downtown." David says as he pulls the Tesla into a parking lot and parks the car.

"Come on." He utters as he climbs out. I meet him on the drivers side and nudge his arm. He looks at me and smiles.

"Ready for the stroll of a lifetime?" He asks.

"For sure." I lightly chuckle. We step foot on the sidewalk and begin walking down the street. We started off with light conversation before getting into the deep stuff...like our back stories.

"Yeah. Born in Slovakia and we moved to Chicago." David finished. "I sometimes miss being not so famous, but being famous is kinda the best thing  that's ever happened to me." He chuckles.

"What a story, David." I lightly chuckle at him. He looks at me and smiles.

"So. What's your story?" He asks. My smile slowly fades as I began to think about the times before I met David. Obviously I had a decent time living life but at the same time, it wasn't the greatest.

"Well. I, uh, was born in Florida. I lived with my mom and dad. Went to school, graduated, moved here. The end." I quickly say.

"What?" David laughs. "That's it? That's your story?" He asks.

"There isn't much to say. I just lived a normal teenage life." I laugh.

"C'mon. There's gotta be more!" He says.

"More?" I ask him, eyeing the lit up tobacco shop as we walked by it.

"Yeah. Like what all did you do? Did you party? Play sports? Did you like going to school? Did you have a lot friends? Popular? Were you in a relationship with anybody?" He asks.

"Okay. Okay." I laugh. "One question at a time." I sigh.

"I didn't go to parties because I was never invited. I played soccer and cheer. I didn't like going to school too much although I always went to sports practice. I had a great friend group. I was popular, although I didn't like to consider myself one. And I had one boyfriend." I say.

"Why'd you leave?" He asks.

"Leave Florida?"

"Yeah. You sound like a pretty cool person back in Florida. Why'd you leave it all behind?" He asks, suddenly stopping in his tracks. I turn around and look at him as I take a deep breath.

"Not everything seems as it is." I simply say.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"Behind closed doors is a whole different story, David." I lightly explain. David's smile slowly fades and his eyes drop to the ground.

"Geez. I'm really sorry, Lauren." He says. I shrug my shoulders at him as my lips pursed into a straight line.

"Doesn't matter now. I'm living a life I never expected I'd be living." I say. "And it's great." I chuckled. I turn around and continued walking but David grabs my arm and stops me again.

"Wait. Wait. So where are they now?" He asks.


"Your parents. Are they still in Florida?" He asks.

"To be honest, Dave. I don't know. Since I moved out here, I haven't looked back."

"At all?"

"Nope." I shake my head. "I have no idea where my parents are, what they do...if their still alive." I tell him.

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