Chapter 15 Color

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Error's p.o.v.

I curl up next to my oldest brother and breathe a shuddering breath. "W̶h̵A̷t̴ ̸i̴S̵ ̸t̴H̶I̷s̵ ̷f̴E̵L̶i̴n̷G̶ ̶N̴d̴ ̵w̴H̵y̷ ̶d̵s̸ ̸i̵T̴ ̴h̷U̵R̵t̷ ̵s̵o̵ ̵m̴U̴c̶H̶.̷.̶.̵h̴Y̴ ̷d̵O̷e̶S̵ ̴T̴ ̵s̴T̷i̴L̵l̴ ̸h̴U̴r̸T̸"

I feel movement next to me and feel a hand on my skull. I shoot up to see Code sitting up, giving me a soft smile. "So...MiNd tElLinG mE wHaT hApPenEd nOw tHAt I'm fUlLy aWAKe?" He asks and I smile. I sit up on the bed next to him and nod. "I wAs lAtE fOr mY lAsT cLAsS sO I wAs rUsHinG a BiT. As I'm aPpRoaChIng mY cLAsSrOoM I sEe ThIs gUy kIsSinG InK. InK wAs tRyiNg tO pUsH hIM oFF. I gOt tHiS pAiN iN mY sOUl tHAt wOuLdn't gO aWaY. I̴T̴ ̶h̷u̷R̷T̴ ̵s̷O̶ ̴b̵A̷d̷. I liFTeD mY hAnDs uP tO mY sOcKetS aND I pUlLed sTrINgs fRoM mY fAcE. AfTeR tHaT mY sOcKetS bUrNed. I uSeD tHe sTRiNgs tO gRaB tHe mAn aNd pUlL hIm oFf oF INk. AfTeR tHaT wE cAMe hOMe. ̸U̸s̸T̴ ̷w̶A̸N̸t̵ ̷t̵ ̷N̴O̵ ̶w̴H̷y̵ ̸m̵Y̷ ̸s̵O̴L̵ ̷s̴T̷i̴l̵ ̵a̵C̶H̷e̸S̸." I look at him with an almost hopeful look on my face. "SiNCe yOU'Re aWAkE I wAnT tO aSK yOU tHiS aGaIn. W̶h̵A̷t̴ ̸i̴S̵ ̸t̴H̶I̷s̵ ̷f̴E̵L̶i̴n̷G̶ ̶N̴d̴ ̵w̴H̵y̷ ̶d̵s̸ ̸i̵T̴ ̴h̷U̵R̵t̷ ̵s̵o̵ ̵m̴U̴c̶H̶.̷.̶.H̸y̸ ̸i̷S̷ ̴i̴ ̶s̴T̴i̶L̵l̷ ̷h̴E̸r̸E̶?̵" I try to look calm in front of him. It's working, but inside it just feels like my soul is breaking. "INK!!! YOU MIGHT WANT TO COME IN HERE!!!" Code yells. Ink busts in. "What happened?!" Ink yells. Code points to me. "Go dOWnStaIrS, sIt oN tHE cOuCH aNd tAlK aBOut tHIs." He says, like the protective big brother that he is. I nod and follow Ink downstairs.

Ink's p.o.v.

A silence washes over us as soon as we hit the couch. "So...Care to tell me what this is about?" He nods, bit starts tearing up. The sight makes me want to look away, but then he starts talking. "R-ReMemBeR wHEn tHaT gUy k-kIsSed yOu?" He asks. 'Okay. I think I know what this is about. He's hurting because of what he saw.' I nod in confirmation. "WeLl iT...hURt. It mADe mY sOuL aChE aNd I dOn'T kNoW wHy." I pull him into a hug. After a while I pull away and look at him. "What do you feel when I do this?" I ask before I lift his chin with my thumb and index finger and kiss him. I pull away and look at him expectantly. "Love...from you." He says. I smile warmly at him. "Exactly. That's a kiss reserved for someone I love and that's you. That is the only type of kiss you'll get...and guess what. The kiss Eraser and I had did was not like that." He hugs me tightly. "Okay..." I hug him, a comforting silence filling the room.

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