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In a city where crimes are committed on an hourly basis, having a superhero around makes the civilians feel protected. In fact, the protection from this superhero reduces the damage that would have otherwise been caused at a greater degree. This superhero has the ability to eliminate dangers that the police department are incapable of eliminating. However, the police department have resources that the superhero lacks. Thankfully the police agreed to form an alliance with the superhero so that they can combine their abilities and resources for the greater good.

The superhero goes by the name KJ. He's psychokinetic, meaning he can move objects with his mind. Think of him as Jean Grey from X-Men, but without the dark phoenix threatening to consume him.

Despite having such an ability, he prefers physically fighting over using his psychokinetic ability. Performing psychokinesis exhausts him at a much faster rate compared to physically fighting but he uses his mental ability when necessary, and his energy isn't affected when he uses it for minor things like opening the cupboard. Once he performed intense psychokinesis to stop a tornado of a great magnitude and he ended up collapsing. He was in great pain and he was kept in hospital for a few days. He stopped the tornado, but at what cost?

Sometimes he wishes there was another who's like him to fight beside him. He has his husband, who's a respected and well performing police officer, but they don't share the same burden. He has a lot of enemies that are out to get him because of his ability and they often try to harm the people around him as well. But good thing no one knows his identity except for his husband. This way, he can keep the people he loves safe. KJ and Kim Seokjin must always be separated, never to merge as one.

Seokjin and his husband, Deputy Kim Taehyung, have been married for two years now. They remain professional in their work environment but behind closed doors, they're crazy about each other. Sometimes they steal a kiss or two whenever no one's looking but after almost being caught by the sheriff, they agreed to keep their relationship strictly professional outside the privacy and security of their home. It's difficult but they've been doing well so far.

It's very rare when they get the opportunity to spend time with each other without any interruptions. They're always fighting crime and even though they often work together, it's not the same as really being with each other. They always get called in to work throughout the day so their plans are either always postponed or cut short. But when they have the fortune of spending even an hour together, they make the most of it.

Unfortunately, luck doesn't seem to be on their side, again. Their date is interrupted when the glass window is shattered as a body comes flying through. All the guests start screaming and running away but the two crime fighters get under the table for cover, in case they need to take action. The couple remain in cover for a few seconds but when no one else appears, they take that as a sign that the coast is clear and Seokjin approaches the body while Taehyung inspects outside. The only luck they have today is that no one attacks them out of nowhere.

Since no one else is around, Seokjin performs psychokinesis to move all the glass shards away from the unconscious body. He then bends down and carefully turns the body so that he can identify the person and his eyes widen in horror at the sight of a young boy, looking no older than 18, who looks horribly injured. He brings two fingers to the boy's neck to check his pulse but just as they make skin to skin contact, Seokjin lets out a moan of pain as an electric shock courses through his entire body. The pain is unbearable and he feels like his insides are being fried.

By hearing painful moans, Taehyung immediately drops his inspecting to attend to his husband.

"Babe, what's wrong? What's happening to you?" Taehyung asks with worry, holding his husband close.

Seokjin's eyes turn completely white and he lets out a painful scream before he blacks out.

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