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"Ughhh Dante shut up"- y/n said move away from Dante to the other side of the couch
"I didn't say anything"- Dante said
"Ughhhh"- y/n rolled her eyes
"Both of you should learn how to get along"- eden
"Yeah you guys should"- Blake added
"Yeah"-everyone else agreed
"Omg you guys are annoying"- y/n said while going up stairs to her room, and calls her best friend Lilia Buckingham
•y/n and Lilia facetime call•
"Ughhh he so annoying"-y/n
"What did he do this time"-Lilia
"Nothing but he just annoys me a lot"-y/n
"Oh sweetie, I wanna see youuuu"-Lilia
"Me tooo but I come back to LA soon"-y/n
"I know how long will that be"- Lilia
"I don't know but I promise I'll come"-y/n
•Meanwhile downstairs•
"That hurt"-Ethan
*they all laugh*
"I mean you guys did try to make her and me get along"-Dante
"Why do you guys even hate each other so much"-Cameron
"I don't really know she's the one who hates me"-Dante
"No she doesn't she thinks that you hate her so she goes along with it"-Tj
"Yeah that's true"-Aidan
*They all got quite*
"Well it's getting late we should head to bed"-Blake
They all agreed and head to their rooms
*Btw y/n's father rented a house for both cast young and older so Aidan and you could be in both since you guys are the main character*
•back to y/n and Lilia
"I'm low key hungry"- Lilia
"Me too, imma go get a snack"-y/n
"Yeah me too I'll bring you with me"-Lilia
"Haha same"-y/n
Y/n starts to go down stairs and she didn't know the cast went to sleep so when she got out it was dark and she almost fell but something caught her
"Ughhh thank you and ow"-y/n
"Wait what happened are you ok"-Lilia
"Yeah I'm find and thanks *y/n turns on the light and sees Dante* oh Dante thanks"-y/n
"You're welcome"-Dante says as he leaves
"Omg what just happened"-Lilia
"I was going to get a snack but then I almost fell but Dante caught me and like it was dark so"-Y/n
"Oh shush"-Y/n said
"Well good night love I'll talk to you tomorrow"-y/n
"Good night baby"-Lilia

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