Chapter 19

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Previously on The Kings,
Aren't you coming?" I asked the dark red haired boy and he shook his head. "As much as I love and want to, those other people in here should come too." The boy replies and Blyke nods his head.

"Ok then. Good bye." I say to the boy and a smirk starts to form on his face.

"Well now, who said I wouldn't be able to get out?"

Noah's POV

I kept exploding more and more jail cells but every time I use my ability, my stamina depletes and I begin to start feeling weaker.

It took 2-3 of my explosive shots to destroy a jail cell and I only gotten about 49 people out.

I really hope Cashmir finds anything that could help the prisoners escape.

After all, nobody should be stuck in a hellhole like this.

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to be met with the green haired girl that I broke out earlier.

"Hi there."

Cashmir's POV

I stare at a corner of the room, there was some kind of weird object that looked very strange, much like a camera that was from the future.. Wait!

It is a camera! And it's recording me right now!

"Hey Unit 827198 should be in here!" A women's voice yelled from across the hallways and I quickly search for a place to hide.

They won't find me, I promise.

I hear footsteps coming into the room and peeked out of the desk I was hiding over, there was boots and shoes coming closer to me.

I felt something at my back, and so I grabbed it silently, carefully making sure that I don't make a noise to attract the people searching for me.

I felt the object in my hands and looked at it, it was a dagger etched with symbols and weird designs and had a golden tip to it.

I turned it around and saw two dark red round crystals on the handle, the crystals must be rubies I presume.

This dagger looks very weird, but it is beautiful in it's own way. I wonder who made it but a voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "827198 is not not here, we should keep searching."

It sounded like the women, and then I heard their footsteps, most likely headed towards the door.

Whew, that was a close one.

Remi's POV

I ran down the hallways with the group trailing behind me, I'm sure that door was here somewhere! I looked back and everyone was still following me, good.

"We should all stick together! Just to not get captured by EMBER!" I say to the group positively and smiled at the group.

Their bored faces stared at me and I wished I hadn't said that.

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