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Colby and Rebecca walked hand in hand into a church in San Antonio. It was Bayley's wedding day and Rebecca was a bridesmaid and Colby was a groomsman. They had left Olivia with Holly for the weekend.

"It's about time you two showed up" Ashley said as she walked into the hallway
"Hey, We're on time" Rebecca said
"That's the first time in your life you're on time for anything" she said and Rebecca shook her head at her "Come on We have to get dressed" she said grabbing Rebecca's arm
"Love you" Colby said
"I'll meet you back here" he said

Bayley looked beautiful. This was the day she had prepared for, for years now. Her bridesmaids were all of her best friends. The strapless Lilac dresses looked amazing on all of them, that was a worry that Bayley had when Rebecca got pregnant but thankfully she was still able to fit in the dress that she got fitted in the first time. You could tell slightly that she was pregnant but it was barely noticeable unless you really looked and she would have a bouquet in front of her so there was even less of a chance for anybody to know if they weren't immediate friends.

They lined up together with the groomsmen. Rebecca was behind Ashley who was behind Sasha in line and then was Bayley behind her. They got matched up with who they would walk down the aisle with and waited for the music to start that indicated it was time to start walking.
"You look gorgeous" Colby said as he looked her over, The dress was long, floor length, it clung to her body in all the right areas and the light purple looked amazing against her tanned skin, her hair was up in a curled messy/chic looking bun with two braids wrapping around to meet behind in the bun, the bouquet of white roses she held in her hand were even beautiful
"You're not too bad yourself" she said to him with a smile, he was in a black on black suit with a white Rose boutonnière above his pocket that matched the flowers in her bouquet

The music started and the line began to move. This was it, showtime. Rebecca looked back at Bayley who was standing behind her with a smile
"Love ya" she said to her
"Last chance to run" Colby said to her and Bayley laughed
"Get up there so I can go get married" she said to him and he smiled as Rebecca wrapped her arm in his before they began to walk

They separated and Colby stood behind Aaron, while Rebecca stood behind Bayley. It was their wedding but Colby couldn't keep his eyes off of Rebecca who was intently listening to the words being said by the preacher occasionally glancing over to meet his eyes with a small smile. It wasn't until the vows were being exchanged that she fully looked at him and locked eyes with him, not pulling her attention from him and that is when he saw it. Her eyes unlocked with his for a split second to glance down at her bump and then back to him. It was almost like they were having their own private conversation through looks

The couple were pronounced husband and wife and walked down the aisle before everyone else followed behind them.

The reception was just as beautiful as the wedding. The cake was cut, the first dance was shared and then the friends were all allowed on the dance floor.
"Come dance with me" Colby said holding his hand out to Rebecca
"You hate dancing" she said as she followed him to the floor
"Yeah well.. it's a special occasion" he said holding her close, she wrapped her arms around his neck as they swayed to the slow song, it was then..right there on the dance floor while they were wrapped up in each other's arms that Rebecca felt it
"Oh my god.." she said in a whisper and he looked at her
"What?" he asked "What's wrong?"
"Nothing.." she shook her head and then it happened again "Wow.." she said placing her head on his chest before looking up at him again "She's kicking" she said and he stopped moving to pull her back and look at her
"Really?" he asked
"Don't stop moving" she said to him as they began to sway again "I thought I felt it during the vows but I wasn't sure.. but now I know that's what it is" she said
"Can I feel it yet?" he asked
"No.." she shook her head "She's still too little for you to feel it yet"
"You'll tell me if it happens again right?" he asked and she nodded
"Do you want me to tell you every time?" she asked with a laugh
"Every single time" he said with a nod and she shook her head at him before he leaned down to press a kiss to her lips

The couple ducked out as soon as it was acceptable and made their way back to the hotel. Rebecca changed out of her dress into leggings as Colby changed out of the suit and was comfortable now as well.

They laid in bed and Colby had his hand attached to her stomach, not moving a single inch
"She can feel your hand I think" she said "She's kicking right where you're at.."
"Get used to to it tiny" he said "Now that you're strong enough to let mommy feel you, you're gonna have to get used to me being right there until I can feel you too"

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