preferences- when its raining 🌧

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Dante- When it's raining, you and Dante will cuddle inside binging Jane the virgin. At first, he didn't wanna watch it but then he became obsessed and now you have a Friday night Netflix thing-
"Y/N, this seems boring. Can we watch something else like that show Sex Education".

"No, it's my turn to pick this time"-

Aidan- When it's raining, you and Aidan will sit in bed (nothing sexual for all y'all nasties our there) and talk about life and what's going on in our world. You'll genuinely get to know each other even more than you already do. After that you'll either study or take couples naps (uwu) and maybe even make out :0

Eden- While it's raining , you and Eden prefer to do something productive. Such as, being dorky and acting out scenes from you're favourite shows or watching funny video clips from when you were both younger. You both know there's nothing else you'd rather be doing. (owo)

Tj- When the weather isn't particularly good, you and Tj like to study. Studying is your forte especially with Tj. You guys like to help each other with something the other isn't as good at. During the breaks, you and Tj will feast on food whether it's popcorn or chocolate you guys will stuff your selves for more hours of studying ahead.
"Y/N! Stop eating so much or else you're gonna be sick"!

"Oops, already have"...

Blake- When you guys can't go outside, you guys will play on the wii. Either wii sports resorts or just dance y'all will have the best time. At the end of each round in just dance Blake will beat you as always (some of you might not know Blake is a dancer), and sometimes on special occasions, Blake will take you out in the rain and you both sing and dance like nobody's watching with umbrellas of course. *wInK wOnK*

Ethan- When it rains you and Ethan like to sleep. Y'all could hibernate if you really wanted to. After a long day you guys just wanna relax but, not without a cuddle and a make out session before you sleep you guys will fall asleep in each other's arms and when you get restless Ethan gently kisses you're forehead and days
"It's ok babe".

Cameron- When it rains, you and Cameron like to go out. Usually to somewhere cosy and indoors but either way is ok as long as you're with the love of your life (oml) you guys like to post cute Instagram photos of you both or just stating that that you love each other to the the whole world. Y'all both like to take wholesome photos. Once, you took some in a winter lodge by the fire place there.
"How are you so photogenic when I'm over here looking like a burnt toe nail!? Tell me your secrets"! (how I literally feel. ok but how are Aidan's eyebrows so good!? like dayum tell me your secrets hun and hmu while you're at it) ;)
"Oh Y/N, your absolutely perfect and I love you with all my heart" .

(OTP of the year goes to... "drumrolls please" *drumrolls* CAMERON AND Y/N)!

Hi guys I hope you liked my first preference. This is my first time ever writing a book on Wattpad and I'm pretty nervous.

If you guys have any tips on writing imagines please let me know accepting anything :)

I don't know how often I'll be able to update since end of years are coming up in my school
and I've gotta revise.

Anyways please chat amongst yourselves in the comments:

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word count:
670 ;)

bye I love y'all idk where you are, or who you are but I love you and want to talk to every single one of you reading this. have a good day lovelies <3

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