welcome lovlies <3

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(poor vanya) :(
Hi everyone! My name is Roxanne and I am the author of his book. As you know this book is mainly gonna be about the tua young cast because I can never really find stories about them.

For now I don't exactly now what to do so please leave some requests below...
(for requests please put where, who backstory etc)


Ok I'm just putting this out here I will not do smut maybe fluff though. I'm younger than most of the young cast and I feel weird writing smut but I'm ok with fluff. I will also not be doing scences with self harm/or suicidal thoughts this is a sensitive thing to write about as the author but, most other things I'll be fine with. I'll be doing imagines and probably preferences too! I love all of the young cast but my two favorites are Dante and Aidan cause who doesn't love them :))

I will only be doing requests for a while until I can come up with some of my on imagines I will do preferences though. Please comment your requests so I can write them for you.

see you soon sweeties :)

ok wait isn't this the cutest thing-

for those who haven't seen it, the caption said 'for you

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for those who haven't seen it, the caption said 'for you...'
*secretly imagines this is for me*


ok sorry for boring u byeeeee <3

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