Lewis Hamilton - Daddy's Boy

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A/n: I'm so bored 😩😩but I love you all💜also happy Azerbaijan GP weekend!! Hope everyone has lots of fun 👋


You flipped the last pancake, sucking your thumb as you accidentally touched the hot surface of the oven, trying to reduce the temperature so the cake wouldn't burn.

Mondays were incredible always your favourite day, even though that meant your husband would be out for work, your little angel, who was his father's exact mirror was always there with you.

You dared to say that you didn't even miss work, thanks to your family. But you'd have to go back in a few weeks because your birth license was about to expire, your baby girl almost turning 2months. Yes the other baby girl. You were over the moon with her, and you couldn't help but imagine if she would be just like her brother.

Y/S/N was the joy of the house. He was naughty sometimes, like any other kid, but he was so lovely with everyone and sometimes you wondered who he took that from. You were the bitchy type, even though the hormones kinda betrayed you; While Lewis was the family's idiot besides being smart but he was kind, too kinda sometimes and maybe that's why Y/S/N was how he was.

A 3 year old boy, talks like the damn birds, and still acts so mature sometimes. It just reminds all of us how kids are such pure souls, and you? You always were grateful that after all the insecurities and struggles everything ended okay with your little family and the most idiot human, now your husband, the man you loved the most.

" Daddy Will you be a good fart?" Your little one shouted from somewhere upstairs and you cringed at how loud he was, it was only 07am. That could wake the little baby and it was too early.

No reply was heard, and you somehow imagined your husband had told him not to shout, hopefully. Thankfully.

Flipping the last pancake in the plate, you heard your son' voice again, now your husband laughing at God knows what he has said.

"But daddy why my baby no play?" Your heart melted not only from the sight of your man, holding your little man, while he played with his tie hanging around his neck, but also how tenderly they looked at each other.

"Because your baby is still small. Now you have to take care of her so she can grow just like you, yes?" He assure the little one kissing his cheek. He clapped his hands excitingly burying his head on the crock of his father's neck.

You smile proudly when Lew's eyes meet yours, that tender soft expression was always there, he always looked at you like you were so fragile, his brown eyes never wanting to leave your docile eyes. That was one of the reasons how you knew he wouldn't leave you, not after everything you've been through to be who you two are nowadays.

"Daddy, mommy's kiss!" Your son tried to whisper to his father but you catched his words. He was so used to the exchange of affection that sometimes he was the one who reminded both of you to do it. He never knew how that was important for you and Lew, but both of you loved how he knew how important was to show affection, he knew how much you two loved each other. Besides being so small, and maybe not understand, he saw.

Lewis nod to the little one, walking to the other side of the kitchen island where you stood watching them both with a precious smile. Your son was like a ray of sunshine clapping his hands even before you two kissed, excitement covering his features, his eyes lighting up when you and Lew kissed.

"Good morning again, baby." He kissed your forehead resting his hand on your lower back.

"Good morning beautiful, thank you for waking me up and helping me during the night." You shook your head shrugging.

"You handled yourself pretty well with her." You reply teasingly referring to your daughter. He loved staying home, just to spend time with your kids, but with the new projects with Mercedes, he didn't have the time. Of course it wasn't like when he used to drive for them, but it was still a little bit annoying for you.

Lewis knew what you thought about his work, and you also knew that he didn't approve you still working, since you two had enough to live happily, and even to give your kids everything they needed in a few years.

"Today is my last day." You lifted an eyebrow looking at him confused. "At the factory." He continued.

"What do you mean?"

"I spoke with Z, I told him I wanted to quit. I don't lose anything not being there, there are guys who can do the job." he shrugs. "I want to spend more time with you, with our family."

"But you love to work at the factories." he nods.

"I do, but I Iove my family even more." he continues with a sigh. "We have enough for us and our kids, I don't think I have any reason to be away from you guys."

"Are you sure about this?" Lewis nods smiling

"Absolutely." he whispers kissing your cheek. "Now I have to go, it's going to be a long day. You'll be fine?" you nod pecking his lips. "I love you, and you too champ"

"Have fun daddy!" your son shouts following Lewis behind. "Daddy be a good fart, will you be a good fart?"

You always wondered why he said that to his father but it was their thing, a bit weird but only they knew why.

"You be a good fart too buddy I love you." Lewis closed the door behind and your son immediately started crying louder.

"Baby? What is it?" you ask kneeling down on his level confused.

"I didn't told daddy I love him." you bite your lip suppressing a smile when he sniffed, a few tears rolling down his cheek.

"then go, go tell him before he goes. Go baby he's still there." you looks up confused following the direction his father just made. He ran outside when you open the door for him, him shouting incredible loud at his father.

Lewis kneels down on his level, the little one wrapping his small arms around his neck. "Daddy, I love you, I love you I love you." Lewis smiled peppering kisses over his face.

"I love you more Buddy. Take care of mummy and your sissy, yes?"

"Yes!" he replied energetically. "I love you!" he continues when his father puts him back on the floor.

"I love you!" he replied.

"I love you daddy."

" I love you too son."

"I love yooooou."

You couldn't help but giggle at the silly side of both men of your life. Lewis sending you  a wink and muttering an 'I Love you' driving the car out of your porch to the now busy streets. He was still so close to your home, but he already missed his little cute family.

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