Chapter 13 - Sleepover Weekend Pt. 2

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Sorry this chapter took so long but with school & all this homework I can barely find time to sleep. But thanks for patience && Here it is, Sleepover Weekend Pt-2

---Alex POV

I shifted in the bed until the banging headache finally caused me to wake up. My head was spinning from all the tequila I had the previous night. I glanced over at Jessica’s naked body that lay beside me and raised a brow; what exactly happened last night? I shrugged and got out of bed, an advil was definitely a necessity right now.

I walked slowly towards the door trying to maintain my balance until I could grab on to something; keyword ‘trying’. I still ended up tripping over yet another naked body lying sprawled across the floor. I shook my head and continued to the door and down the stairs to the kitchen where I met Rachel sitting on a stool at the counter eating cereal.

“Morning” I greeted holding my forehead.

She gave a wary smile “Morning”

I glanced around in the kitchen, where could the painkillers be?

“Lemme guess, advil right?”

I nodded and she pointed to a cabinet in the far corner.

After swallowing the pill and washing it down with a glass of water, I poured myself a bowl of cereal and sat at the counter opposite her.

“Remind me never to come to Ashley’s sleepovers” I frowned.

Strange enough, she remained emotionless as if what I said hadn’t registered as yet. We sat and ate in silence until finally she spoke up

“I’m not okay with this..” she said quietly

I furrowed my brows in confusion “With what?”

“You and Jessica; I thought it was fine and believe me I’m happy for you but I honestly can’t handle being just your friend.”

Usually I would reply by saying’ fuck your feelings’ but somehow I couldn’t say that to her. She’s a totally different case altogether; I think of Rachel as much more than my friend. We have this weird bromance thing going on; or…sismance? I dunno but she’s somewhat important to me cuz I talk to her about things and 99% of the time her advice makes some sort of sense.

So now that we have that down… what do I say to her?

My thoughts were disrupted by her chuckling across the counter.

“What?” I raised a brow

“Don’t think so hard Alex. I’m not gonna sabotage your relationship or anything; once you’re happy, I can be happy. You did say that Jessica was ready to tell folks right? And that’s all you want… so enjoy it.”

Okay now I’m definitely confused. “So why exactly did you tell me that you’re not okay with it cuz it seems like you are”

She flipped her bright red hair to the side and glared at me.

“Okay, let me be a bit clearer. I don’t give a fuck what you do, just don’t do it around me.”

I was taken aback “So you don’t want me to be around you when I’m with –”

“God Alex!” she got up from the stool

 “I don’t want you around me period! There’s no way that can end good alright?”

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