Fighting and Making Up

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Vincent walked into his parent's house and was greeted by his mother. "Hello, Son," she said kissing his cheek. She wiped the lipstick print that was left behind, "Your father is in his office. Tobin and Dom are already here," she informed him before walking off.

Turning to the stairs, he took them two at a time making his way to his office. As he opened the door, he heard his father, Tobin, and Domenico talking. Gio had sent him a text letting him know that he had something to do with Vanessa, his fiancé, so he would be late.

"Son, you're here," his father greeted him. Vincent nodded at the men in the room as he unbuttoned his jacket and took his usual set in front of his father's desk. "What is the plan for the meeting tomorrow?" His father asked him.

Vincent sighed. He was not looking forward to this meeting he knew that the outcome was most likely not going to be what they all hoped. Nothing ever seemed to be easy in his world. "Hopefully we can find something to appease him for now. If not," Vincent paused and looked at his father he hated having to say what he was going to, "we may have to declare war."

Vincent watched as his father took in what he said and nodded, "I do hope that doesn't happen. But I think we all know that it is a big possibility and I approve. But, only if it is the very last option," he told his son pointily. Vincent nodded. He understood what his father meant. They were to offer everything short of him giving him the Capo position before declaring war.

Vincent opened his mouth to say he understood when the office door flew open. The three men looked to the doorway. There stood a beaming Gio. "We're having a baby!" He practically shouted. Vincent eyebrows both shot up and he mumbled a congratulation. Vincent never knew how to react to these types of things. Babies and children weren't on his radar at all. He never planned on having them. He knew that he needed an heir but, he was sure that he had plenty of time to figure out a way around that.

"That is great, son. When is Vanessa due?" Their father asked Gio as he approached him and gave him a hug.

"Early March," his bother said with a huge smile. Vincent was shocked it could get any bigger than it was when he first came in.

"That's great," Vincent caught the look his father gave him before he turned and walked back to sit behind his desk.

"Can we get back to business?" Vincent grunted. He wanted to be happy for his brother. He liked when his family was happy but, he knew that look. It said, "Gio has an heir. What do you have?" The thought of not running the family was not a thought he liked having.

Gio frowned at his big brother but then a look of understanding flashed across his face. Slapping him on the back he walked to the couch and took up his normal spot, "your back up men with be landing first thing in the morning," he told his brother before kicking his feet up on the table and picking at his fingernails like he didn't really care about much else that was going on in the room.

Vincent nodded and turned from looking at his brother to his father. Getting a nod from the man, Vincent stood up and began to button his suit up ready to leave. "How is she?" He heard Tobin ask from behind him.

He turned to fully face the man that was concerned for his best friend. "Well. It's only been a couple of days but, she seems to be doing fine." Tobin nodded and bit his lip like he had something to say but wasn't sure he should say it.

Sighing he looked at Vincent, "just be gentle with her. She acts tough but, its really just for show." Vincent nodded in understanding. He understood what it was like to carry yourself to appear like you are the person everyone wants you to be. Tobin turned to leave the room.

"Tobin," Vincent called out to him. He turned with a raised brow. "Could you maybe bring Joni over to my place tomorrow for lunch?" Tobin nodded before continuing his way out the door.

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