Chapter 1

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Hockey is one of the earliest sports made. Hockey has one of the biggest events in all sports-the Stanley cup playoffs (NHL). Hockey is one of the most competitive sports of all time. The NHL is the best league a hockey player can get to.

Over the years the NHL has had many stars-howie morenz, Maurice Richard,and Jean beliveau. That's not all the stars though. If we went through all of them it would take a couple hours.

Hockey has many leagues-atom,novice,peewee,bantam,minor bantam,major bantam- and a lot more.

The NHL has 31 franchises- soon to be 32. The latest franchise the Las Vegas golden knights. The first six NHL teams known as the Original six are the Toronto maple leafs,the Montreal Canadians,Boston bruins,New York rangers,Chicago blackhawks,and Detroit red wings. There were only six teams up until 1967. Then teams like the St. Louis blues came along. The expansion draft was tough for some teams meaning they would have to let go of there star players. In the NHL that's something that could happen though. Sometimes in hockey you have to leave your team-and go to a different one. Some that read this story may think "it's so easy to make the NHL"

But it is a long hard road to there. My goal in life is to make the NHL. I'm a goalie.


Hockey is my favourite sport. If it wasn't I'd be playing soccer.

Hockey in my opinion is the best sport ever. It brings out your spirit. It's a challenge some times. In hockey there lot's of challenges: injuries,suspensions,and of course losing championship games. There lot's more but I can't name them right in this paragraph. The NHL has had defunct teams. Defunct means that the team just stopped playing games.

The team to win the most cups with 25-Montreal Canadians. The second most is the Toronto maple leafs with 13. The third is Detroit red wings with 11.
Over the years the NHL has had many milestones here's some:
Bill mosienko's 19 second hatrick.
Patrick Roy's 151 playoff wins.
Wayne Gretzky's 2857 points.
Austin Matthews 4 goals in his NHL debut.
Patrick Roy's 3 conn smyth trophy's.
Martin brodeur's 121 shutouts.
Jean beliveau's 17 Stanley cups.

Ok, enough of the milestones. there's a lot more but I know I keep saying this but it would take hours! That's a lot of history above this paragraph though.

Some teams have milestones in the nhl like the Montreal Canadians 5 cups in a row.

In hockey there is fights if you don't know. They can get pretty intense. There's one fight with max domi and an Edmonton oiler.

A goalie can change a team's mind set by making one inspiring save like a glove save. Remember how I said am a goalie. Well my team was a good comeback team. And most of the time it was because I made a inspiring save.

In the 2000's the nhl has introduced a lot of good players. Connor mcdavid,auston Matthews,rasmus dahlin, and Mitch marner. That's only some though. There's more. In the NHL some of the legends end
There career in a
Lot different team then what some people expect. I'll list a few here:
Bobby Orr with Chicago
Martin brodeur with St. Louis
Curtis Joseph with Calgary.

The one I find weirdest is Bobby Orr with Chicago blackhawks. The hockey world is so confusing a times. Hockey can be so fun also. I find hockey 99.9% fun. Yes,losing can be frustrating but either then that it's so fun.

Ray bourqe was a crazy good defenseman. He would make plays behind the net and pass it up the ice and his team would score. He was a great player. He always strived
to win a Stanley cup but could never win one with Boston in 18 years. He went to Colorado avalanche for one year and got his Stanley cup there. That was his last season in the NHL. What a legend.

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