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Firstly I don't know more actors rather than ishqbaaz and also their language because I never showed any interest in other serial. It was my first and last show.

I don't know whether someone can fit on my character or not

Please co - operate with me. You can imagine any actor as Anika's father.

Anika's father is famous businessman. He is sweet and caring towards Anika. He is very polite in nature. Loves shivaay equally.

Other characters are same as ishqbaaz but tej and janvi had perfect relationship. Janvi doesn't drink here .

Shivika know each other . Everyone loves Anika.

But Everyone is not here. They are out of station.

And yaa thank you for 145 followers love you all❤️.

It start after accident when Anika is in hospital

Harsh Vardhan Trivedi is Anika's father he is crying seeing his daughter's state

Shivaay came there running and hugged him

"Nothing will happen uncle she will be fine", said Shivaay huffing

"She is in this state because of me.. I ...I failed as a father", Harsh cried

"No uncle it's not like that", Shivaay replied back

"I failed beta", said harsh crying seeing Anika

S- no uncle don't say like this and stop crying. I can't see you crying. Please tell me what happened

H- Kapoors attacked on me but....but my Anika suffered

S- Shh... uncle stop crying please.

H - I will but I want a promise

S- Order me uncle

H- My rivals are behind me and I don't want her to suffer. I will go abroad for deal and if Kapoors will get this news they will follow me

S- It will be dangerous for you

H- Anything for my daughter
I want you to take care of my business and my daughter too
Will you?

S- yaa uncle I will take care of her

H - I trust you and giving her responsibility to you

S- I will take care of her

H- Please try behave as shivaay her shiv not as shivaay Singh obroi in front of her and don't fight with her as usual

S- Ok uncle I will take care of her and I will not fight with her

H- Thank you beta. I will call her when I will reach but please protect her and no one means no one rather than you should come near her. I am appointing high security for you both.

"And you uncle", asked Shivaay

H- I will be fine in heaven too if she is happy. I want her happiness only. Take care of her

S - I will

Harsh left .
Shivaay went near Anika's ward.

He touched the mirror wall and Was eying Anika. How pale was she looking. He was unable to see her like that because he had seen her as warrior. He was missing her .

Doctor came out of her ward after sometime.
Shivaay got up and went towards her

S- Is she fine

D - Yaa but she can't walk for sometime because her leg is badly injured and I will recommend you to take care of her and don't let her walk . She needs complete rest

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