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Ethans POV
I knock on the door as I listen and hear is there is movement inside. Silence. I grab the keys out of my pocket and unlock the door. All the lights are off and the only thing I can really see is time on the clock in the corner of the living room. "Come on," Grayson I say in a low voice as I grab the bags and walk inside. I close the door behind me and walk into Graysons room. I drop his bags and start to put his clothes into the proper places inside the closet. "You want to go to bed," I ask Grayson. He doesn't say anything as he walks into the closet and comes out with pajamas. "Do you want to go out and get breakfast tomorrow," I ask as Grayson puts the last piece of clothing on. He nods as I pull back the sheets and say, "Okay we'll go tomorrow."

I close the door as quietly as I can when leaving Graysons room. He only falls asleep when I'm in there and when he does get to sleep, I have to be quiet in getting out. I walk out to the kitchen as I open the cupboard and grab something to eat. I see a small note sitting on the counter and go over to read it.
Went to visit family in Maryland. Will be back soon
I push the note off to the side as I walk into the living room and start to watch an episode of a tv show was playing. Soon enough my eyes become heavier and heavier as I started to fall asleep. I couldn't keep my eyes open an longer and they shut for good as I fell asleep.

I was about to walk out the door until I noticed that I forgot something. "Stay here Grayson. I'm going to get something I'll be right back," I say as I run back to my room to grab my wallet. I run back out to find the open door but no Grayson. I look down the hallway as I see Grayson walking more like running down the hallway towards the elevators. I quickly start to run as I shut the door behind me. I grab onto his arm as he was about to walk into the open elevator with people standing inside. I make a small smile towards the people standing there as the doors start to close. "I thought I said to stay there while I went to get something," I say to him. He just smiled as he continues to watch the number of the floors go up. I watch as the numbers stop and I press the button to go down. When the elevator gets there, no one is inside so me and Grayson get inside. The whole ride was quiet until Grayson starts to push the buttons of the floors. "No Grayson," I say as I put my body in front of all of them. He laughs as he tries to push the buttons around me. We stop at almost every floor before we get to the lobby. We walk out to the parking garage as I unlock my car and we leave towards the diner.

"Is that everything," the waitress asks as she continues to write down what we ordered. "Uh yeah that's everything thank you," I say. She gives me a smile as she turns around and walks away. I see the stares of people around me as they look at Grayson. I push them off and continue to scroll through my phone until a voice interrupts me. "Ethan Dolan," I hear a deep husky voice say. I look up off my phone and see a well dressed man standing beside the table. "Yeah that's me. May I ask how I can help you." He says, "I'm a John and I'm very interested in working with you Ethan." I look over at Grayson and back up to the man. I ask, "What kind of work do you want to do?" He gives a small smile and says, "May I sit down and we can talk?" I nod as he sits across the table. "I can get you very good jobs Ethan. I can get you to go somewhere online. There are so many opportunities out here and I think if you take advantage of them, you can strive very well." He continues as he says, "You have a family that really cares about your success and if you want to make them proud you can. I'm going to take it that this is your brother?" He says as he points to my right where Grayson is sitting. I nod as I say, "Yeah but he has autism." He says, "He would still be proud of you right? I think he would. This is a good opportunity for you. If you want to talk a little later, here is my card." He hands a card across the table as he stands up. "Have a good day Ethan. I hope you call me," he says as he walks away. That was a little weird.

"So he just came up to you when you and Grayson were eating," my mom asks. "Yeah it was a little weird to say, but he seemed pretty professional." My mom says, "Well Ethan If you really want to stay into YouTube then maybe you should call him." I sigh and say, "But I wanted to do football mom. I mean this is nice but I really wanted football." She says, "It's your choice Ethan but this is going so good right now." I say, "I'll think about it. I might call a little later alright?" My mom says, "Okay see you later Ethan." I hang up as I lay my phone on the kitchen counter. I walk into Graysons room to see if he wants a snack. I open his door to find him sitting on his bed staring at the stuffed animal. "You want a snack Gray," I ask him. He stands off the bad and walks into the kitchen. "Her out what you want," I say. He walks over to the cupboard and grabs out a box of cereal. "Okay sit down at the seat," I say. He moved over to the seat but doesn't stay long and comes back over. While I'm pouring the cereal, he moves the box and the whole thing falls on the ground. "Oh my god Grayson," I scream. I watch as he covers his ear with his free hand while I go down to the ground to clean the mess. When I stand back up he's still standing there. "Why can't you just stay in one spot, I say to him a little louder than I thought. I bend back down and start to clean. I didn't hear the door open. I didn't even see him go until I didn't know he want there. I rush out and look down the hall. No Grayson. Shit this is bad.

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