Chapter 14.

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Blu nodded slowly and refilled the plastic cups in front of him. By the time he lifted his eyes back up, Liam had disappeared out of sight.

'Idiot.' Blu chuckled to himself and took the cups back over to the table.

Liam wandered the halls. He knew exactly which dorm room Jackson was in; he'd seen him enter there with a bloody nose, or a cut lip enough times.

427, 427, 427.

He stopped in front of the wooden door. It's front was more scratched and damaged than the rest. The paint had chipped away, and the entire thing looked out of place.

The other doors were neat, clean (ish) and painted grey, a couple chips here and there, but nothing major.

Dorm 427's door, however, was damaged. The paint and even the wood itself had given in to the frequent frustrated slamming, and the handle felt colder than others.

It had also been replaced twice, each time by a slightly thicker door, to decrease the destruction done. This made it tough to open, and creakier too.

It seemed to perfectly represent its longest inhabitant: Jackson.

Damaged on the outside, difficult to get in to, out of place... Wrong.

Choosing not to burst into the room, Liam tapped the door three times with his knuckles.

From within, there were a couple scuffles, the soft complain of a bed and floor boards being padded on.

A quiet few seconds passed, when the lock on the door clicked as a key slid into it from the other side and twisted.

Liam stared straight ahead, expecting Jackson to open the door and yell some... Not very family friendly words to his face.

To his surprise, he found himself staring just above a smaller person's head.

He moved his eyes down to meet those of the small, brown haired boy.

"Hi, Oscar!" Liam enthusiastically smiled at him.

Oscar stared up at him.

"H-Hello. W-Would you like to come in?" he greeted Liam awkwardly.

Liam nodded and stepped inside.

Oscar closed the door and locked it before switching the light on.

"S-Sorry that the light was off. I w-was just about t-to take a n-nap." Oscar stammered out before laughing quietly at how quickly his tone had changed throughout the day.

He eyed the now empty bottle of energy drink sat in his open backpack.

Ah. He wouldn't be drinking that again in a hurry. He knew he didn't react well to sugars. Back to awkward old self. Awkward Oscar got in less arguments, so that's always a plus.

Curiously, Liam asked,
"What causes your stammer? I'm just wondering, because you don't have it all the time, like when you're talking to your friends, you're fine."

Oscar rubbed the back of his neck.
"I j-just get n-nervous. N-no big deal."

Liam nodded and turned his head to the books on the chest of drawers.

"Those yours?"

Oscar nodded and picked up 'The Fault In Our Stars'.

"I l-like this one the m-most."

Liam glanced over the book. It was worn, and clearly had been read multiple times. Still though, it looked to be in fairly good condition.

"Is it good?" Liam asked, "I've never read it before."

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