8. Uninviting

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   Alice's POV:

   She looked FP in his eyes, but quickly looked away. His eyes were tired and filled with energy at the same time. She remembered last night and shame flowed through her body. Her actions were controlled by her past. She needed to move on from Hal and everything before that. At the end, life doesn't stop even if your husband is a serial killer.

   -I'm sorry about last night. I shouldn't have ran away like that.

   FP looked at her and smiled. His smile was nice and told her "I forgive you" without saying any words.

   -Maybe we can try again sometime.

   Alice smiled and gigled. His flirting didn't make her uncomfortable, because Hal never did that. She saw FP had bought the exact medicine she needed.

   -I know it's weird, but can I have some of your medicine? It seems like we are fighting the same problem.
   -Yes, of course.

   They both walked out of the store and Alice remembered she didn't have her car. FP noticed her truck wasn't there and looked at her.

   -Do you need a ride home?
   -Yes, that would be great.

   Alice smiled at FP and they walked to his car.

   FP's POV:

   FP decided to open the car door for her. He felt like he owed her an apology that couldn't be said in words. He drove her home in silence. It wasn't awkward silence and they weren't angry. They just both enjoyed each others company too much to talk.
   As they arrived at her house she looked at him with a weird look.

   -Do you want to come inside? Drink tea or coffee. No alcohol, we had enough yesterday.

   "She has the most adorable laugh" he thought and smiled. She laughed at her own joke way too hard. As they walked in, he didn't feel right. The house was cold and he didn't feel comfortable. It felt so perfect and so broken. Like a perfectly clean mirror that had been shattered into a 1000 pieces. Alice noticed that and laughed.

   -Remember, Hal used to live here. Even I'm not comfortable in this house.
   -How did you know I was that uncomfortable?
   -Body language and your face expressions. It can tell everything about you.

   He was amazed by her. She was just so surprising to him. She really could tell anything about him. They both walked to the kitchen table and sat down. FP just looked at the table and didn't say a word. He was too embarrassed to talk. Last night haunted him as much as Alice was haunted by her past.

   -What are you thinking about?

   FP was deep in his thoughts and didn't concentrate on the answer. He just said the first thing that came into his mind.


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