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3rd pov.

Over at the guild. Lucy is at the request board, looking for a job that can pay her rent. She stumbled across one in pink ink with poor handwriting and no border.

"Female applicants only? Help needed to find something?" Lucy reads in confusion.

"No reward will be given!? What's this about!?" Lucy questions, looking at Nab.

"It's probably just a prank. It happens at from time to time when a kid in the neighborhood post one for fun." Nab explained.

"One time. Hikari found one of them and track the kids down and beat the crap out of them for lying to her about 'free tickets to Endgame'. I don't what that is but it seems important enough for her to run out of the guild like a deranged maniac." Nab added.

"That's true, although, I have no record of this." Mira said, walking up to the two with a book.

"Who ever it is didn't leave a name, but there's an address, it's the girls dormitory, Fairy Hills." Mira said.

"Can you check it out for me Lucy?" Mirajane asked.


*With Y/n and the boys*

Meanwhile, the boys of Fairy Tail are cleaning the pool, shirtless and in swimming trunks.

Natsu held an irritated expression as he stood in the empty pool with swim trunks and no shirt, holding a broom with his scarf wrapped around his hair.

"Put some more work into the cleaning." Some dude said.

"Tch. This is such a pain. The pool is too damn big." Natsu groaned.

"Just do it. We're all working hard here." Y/n said with an annoyed face, slipping her headphones off and leaning forward slightly. She's wearing a black tank top and black shorts with black slippers.

"But your sunbathing!" Natsu yelled.

"No I'm not! I'm just enjoying the sun whilst on this chair! And I'm ordering you sorry bunch around." She retort, slipping her headphones back on and leaned back on her beach chair.

Natsu groaned loudly and muttered something under his breath.

"I agree with Y/n, just stop complaining." Wakaba said.

"It's all because of this pool that we get to see Y/n and the girls in their bikini for once." Wakaba grinned with a perverted look.

"But Y/n isn't wearing a bikini!" Natsu whined.

"It's not like we get to do this everyday! Lets just enjoy it while it lasts!" Bickslow said, also in swimming trunks, standing next to Freed.

"Well..it's not bad to keep the place clean and the reward is pretty nice." Freed said in a calm voice.

"Lets just get down to it." Gray said, pumping the air.

"Seriously, at least put something on." Natsu said.

Gray looked down and notice he's entirely naked, which is just..ew, and ran off in search of his clothes.

"Hey, what happened to Macoa?"

"Happy, Silver and Hikari aren't here either."

"They escaped!"

"Calm down. Silver and Hikari are helping Wendy and Carla to move into Fairy Hills." Y/n said with her shades on and a irritated look.

"Hey Y/n, I have a question for ya babe." Bickslow grinned, peering over the pool with his tongue out.

"Proceed." She said bluntly.

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