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Since I was sick.... chase was very worried about me. I actually felt somewhat loved. It feels great. Yea my dad loves me. But I just haven't seen him in a small bit. The whole day I've been sleeping with chase (that sounds funny lol) and watching movies
"Are you tired?" Chase asked handing me tea
"Nope are you?" He sat on the bed and shook his head like a dog. "nOpeE" he put his head on my lap
"Weirdo" I whispered
He immediately tuned his head and said quietly "excuse me missy?" Which sent shivers down my spine "I said ur a weirdoooo" with a smile
"No I'm not you are" I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out. "Are u felling any better?" He leaned in closer so our noses were a few inches apart "hmmm kindaaa" he leaned into my ear and whispered "good" then the next thing I know chase is on top of me tickling me and I'm out of breath. "AHAAAAAA CHA- SE STAWPPP I-IT AHA" he put my legs in between his so I couldn't move "say pleaseeee" "AHAHHAAHAHHAAAA PLEASE"
he let go and he was still on top of me "okay princess" he leaned in and kissed me and I obviously kissed back. I felt like there were fireworks going off and then I pulled away "I'm hungrryy let's go out" he rolled his eyes and sighed "um we were busy" I rolled off and I fell of the bed "owww" chase quickly got up "oh my god kylie are you okay?" "Yea hahahah" I said laughing
"Oh thank god" I hit his shoulder "over protective boy" we were both laying on the floor and we were looking at each other "hey I'm not over protective! I just care" when he said that my heart felt so full with love for this guy. "I know I'm kidding" I said quietly
"Come on lets get ready we can go out somewhere on me" he said so I got up sat on the bed "no on me you helped me so much I owe you" He say next to me and leaned close to me "no you don't." His beautiful blue eyes looked into my ugly Green ones "yea" I said
He kissed me and I kissed back until
He pulled away. "Nah" He said then walked into the bathroom to change
I didn't have any cloths so I used the ones I used when I first foot to his house. He washed them of corse.
I got changed and we were almost ready. Luckily I had makeup in my backpack. "Are you almost ready?" Chase asked "ya hold on I'm doing my makeup sorry" he looked confused and he stared at me through the mirror "what?" I asked smiling "nothing, I just don't see why you think you need makeup" I started blushing so I covered my face "awww are you blushing?" "Nooo" I couldn't stop smiling "it's okay if you are it's cute" he said smiling
I giggled and got up from the floor "I'm doneeee" "ughh finally" he laughed "so where are we going"
He was frozen for a sec thinking about where we can go "oo I know let's go to the mall!" I got excited "yea" but then realized I have no cash "I'm gonna ask my dad for some cash" he shook is head "itts okay kylie I'll buy you some stuff you deserve it please let me." He came closer to me with puppy dog eyes "chase it's fine" "kylieee it's fine I earned a lot from YouTube and tik tok and I don't wanna spend it all on me" I rolled my eyes playfully "I feel bad..." he immediately said "don't!"  And then we left the house and got into an Uber.

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