Chapter Twelve

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I sit in bed, blankets wrapped around my legs and the TV remote in my hand, fingers flicking through the channels. Tonight went worse than I thought it could. Shaun's uncontrollable and Nate was upset. Why was Shaun attacking him like that? Nate knows that I'm with Shaun and it's not even like Nate has feelings for me. He wouldn't, we're just friends.

My eyes trail from the TV to the shirtless Shaun walking into the room, only wearing a pair of grey sweatpants. My eyes trace his body and I wonder how I got so lucky to have this man in my life. He walks over to the dresser and places his folded clothes in there. I was definitely mad at him for ruining the night. He was unnecessarily aggressive and all I wanted was for Nate and Shaun to get along.

"Didn't your parents ever teach you that it was rude to stare?" He says and I can tell he's grinning from the way his voice lowered.

"I was not staring," I snap back sharply returning my eyes to the TV. I flick through advertisement after advertisement until I stumble upon my favourite movie of all time, 10 Things I Hate About You. God Heath Ledger is just a hunk in this movie. No wonder I love it so much. Shaun walks over to the bed and sits down next to me. I avoid his gaze as he stares at my face questioningly. He kisses my cheek and waits for a reaction. I don't remove my eyes from the TV.

"What's wrong?" His face turns to a frown. What's wrong? You threatened my best friend in my kitchen when I asked you to have a simple dinner.

"Nothing, just trying to watch this movie. It's my favourite." I cut my answer short. I really don't feel like talking to him right now. I feel my chest burn with annoyance.

"This movie? It's just about a guy who gets paid to take a girl out and fuck her. I don't see the interesting part," he whispers into my neck before kissing it gently. My eyes flutter with pleasure but I can't let him get the best of me when I'm pissed off at him right now. There's no way that he's seducing me into being okay with what he did. I shuffle away from him and he looks at me confused.

"You wouldn't understand," I imply my annoyance in my voice.

"What's up with you?" He asks once again, more aggressively this time. I turn my head to him finally and look into his angry eyes.

"You were just about ready to fight Nate in my kitchen and you have to ask what's wrong?" I spit at him. His frown straightens and he rolls his eyes.

"He deserved it," is all he says as a response which is supposed to make me understand.

"He deserved it? You're lucky I came in when I did. He's in the fricken air force Shaun, you don't think he could take you easily?" I question him.

"I could take that prick easily," he huffs.

"Shaun!" I yell. He sighs.

"Fine, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have beat up your friend even if he was trying to hit on my girl."

"H-He was not hitting on me! We're just friends!" I yell back at him.

"Does he know that?" He shocks me by saying, his gaze cold. I stare at him, my jaw dropping. I push the blankets off of me and stand up, grabbing my pillow.

"Where are you going?" He growls. I turn around to him. He looks like a god, lying there shirtless with a perfect body.

"I'm going to sleep on the lounge because I'd rather sleep there than in the same bed as an asshole," the words tumble out of my mouth. The look on his face is shocked at my use of a swear word and then he looks down and his face has yet again softened.

"Wait," he mumbles, "I'm sorry, I swear. He just makes me so mad always hanging around you and acting like you're his. Please come back to bed." I sigh and walk slowly back to the bed. His face lightens up a bit. He grabs onto my hand once I've put my pillow back in place and sit down next to him. He brings his face closer to mine and looks into my eyes. He smiles a small smile and brings his lips to mine. The kiss feels as passionate as usual and I love it. It somehow proves to me that he's just as passionate about this relationship as I am. He pushes me down slowly onto the bed onto my back and I let out a squeal into his mouth while he continues to kiss me. He smiles into he kiss and raises his hand to my tit and palms it gently, rubbing my stiffening nipple under the thin material of my pyjama top. I moan quietly and he begins to move his hand down my body to the shorts of my pyjamas and he slides his hand between my thighs, just below my panties, and begins to rub slowly make me arch my back up into him. Earlier, I was so annoyed at him for nearly punching up my best friend and now I'm letting him touch me like this. I moan again, signalling for him to stop. He begins to kiss down my neck and I say his name.

"Shaun, stop." I push him slightly so he stops kissing me and his hand removes from my leg.

"Not tonight. I need to get some sleep." He groans but nods and moves off of me and lies down beside me. He lays his arm out on my pillow and I place my head in the crook of his arm and he pulls me closer to him. He falls asleep instantly and I'm left there to my thoughts of what Shaun said about Nate thinking I was his.

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