Chapter Three

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Tony is busy searching the couch for the tv remote when Sammy walks into the room, following the A.I's instructions to the nearest bar. She needs a drink after the last five years. Five...long....sober years. She pauses in the doorway to watch him a moment. She raises an eyebrow.

"What are you looking for down there?" she asks him, he turns to her and looks over her, she's a new face, but that's not new in the tower, Fury's agents have been coming and going for months now. Not that he's exactly happy about that either. He likes the suit. Yep, definitely likes the suit. It's clinging to her every curve like a second skin, and curves are something she is not lacking in.

"Tv remote" he answers, she looks towards the tv and smirks. The tv turns on, seemingly by itself. She loves these modern applications for her powers, lights, cars, TVs, radios, elevators, pretty much anything that is controlled or powered by electricity can be controlled at her command, a simple thought, a swish of her wrist, and spark of her electricity. "How'd you turn that on without the remote?" Tony asks from where he stands behind the couch. As she passes him Sammy leans closer to him.

"With my mind" she whispers mockingly and then winks at Tony before moving to his bar.

"Okay, who the hell are you?" he asks turning to watch her. There is something familiar about her. Her face...her eyes maybe. He's not sure where from yet, he follows after her as she makes herself at home. Grabbing a glass and a bottle from behind it.

"I thought with you being Stark you'd have one of those voice anyway" she comments pouring herself a drink.

"Do-daddies?" he asks amused.

"Technical term" she answers glancing to him through her lashes. "Wouldn't expect you to understand" he hums a little trying to keep up the serious aspect, they both crack, offering chuckles and smiles. She snorts and lifts her glass to her lips to drink.

"You know who I am" he points out giving her a look, he's after her name. She licks her lips lowering the glass.

"It's Sammy" she offers. "But most know me as Volt-Cat"

"Oh, you're the informant" He points out sitting across from her. "You discovered the big ole tentacles" she hums in agreement licking her lips free of the liquid from her glass. "All this new extra work is down to you" he scolds, she snorts.

"Yeah, nothing to do with the evil men, no, it's all my fault" she teases. "I'm so sorry," she tells him sincerely placing a hand over her heart, he smirks at her, his eyes roaming over her, they linger slightly on her watch poking out from under her sleeve, old fashioned, vintage. There is something about that that bothers him too.

"Nice watch" Tony comments, she pulls her jacket sleeve down to cover the watch on her wrist. She doesn't like people bringing it up. It stands out though. The 40s men's watch on her wrist. Stands out.

"Thanks" she mumbles fidgeting, the charm on her nail rattling away slightly.

"So you like electricity? Is that your thing?" he asks her intrigued.

"Part of it" she admits.

"Good, we're currently down a thunder god and could use someone to fill the space" she snorts and shakes her head.

"I'm not really a team player" she admits. "I don't do well with other people" She leans closer to him. "I'm a bit of an animal" she purrs leaning on the bar, his eyes search hers before she's laughing, she knows that look in his eyes. "No chance" she warns him. "I'm...not interested"

"In me?" Tony asks.

"In anyone" she corrects, a wretched look in her eyes as her fingers find her watch. She clears her throat leaning back just as Clint walks in wearing his Hawkeye suit, Tony and Sammy both look to him.

"We're hitting a safe house," Clint tells her. "Fury wants you with suit up," Clint tells her with a smirk looking over her still wearing her suit.

"Yeah, I don't have clothes here so the suit had to stay" she comments downing the rest of her drink and sets the glass on the bar.

"Volt-Cat" she stands and catches something he throws at her. A mask. "Fury thinks it's best Hydra don't recognize you...." she nods in agreement. "Just in case he needs you to go in again" she touches the lines of the mask and smirks amused. It's clearly meant to be a cat mask.

"You need me?" Tony asks turning to Clint.

"Nah, it's a stealth thing" Clint answers. "Just us, Nat and Cap" Sammy clenches her jaw stiffening slightly. It's one thing risking bumping into the person in Steve's suit but taking orders from him, she's not sure she can do that. She looks to the mask in her hands again before pulling it on over her pink hair and down over her eyes. The mask is tinted green to match the green on her suit, which makes her think Fury had intentions of her joining this little motley crew long before her re-emergence from Hydra. She adjusts her hair and then pulls off her leather jacket. It's not part of the suit. This shows off more of her. The whip drops down from where it was tucked inside the jacket, hanging loose at her waist now. There are lines of daggers around her waist on a belt.

"Sexy" Tony teases, Sammy rolls her eyes and looks to Clint. He nods back.

"See you around, Kiddo" she teases Tony before walking away with Clint, Tony huffs a little and then smiles. He kind of likes it. Make him feel sprightly and young.

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