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Hoseok couldn't let go how embarrassing it was for the whole campus to see him getting dropped off by Taehyung. Everyone he knew started asking him who was that handsome driver he was with but luckily Jooheon was able to save him from those weird people, as they rushed off heading to class Hoseok suddenly felt he bumped into someone. The male looked oddly familiar..

"Wait, you're Jimin right?"
The younger smiled, it was true Hoseok couldn't forget that warm smile that greeted him last time. Hoseok was replied with a small nod from the younger as the lecturer finally came into the classroom, Jooheon stares at them in confusion. He didn't know since when Hoseok met Jimin but he only knew the younger was no threat to them. Still, not every smile has a good soul.

Minutes spent into hours, Hoseok was actually faded from learning but he reminded himself to be patient since it's only one semester left for him. Until then, he's free from those evil books. The bell rings as everyone starts packing up their things to head back to the dormitories and a few going home. Jooheon pats on Hoseok's shoulder as he left to his own home that was only a few blocks away.

Hoseok walks to the main gate, head down now that he was too tired to do anything. Suddenly a man stops right infront of him. He looks up and saw the same stupid male he had to face everyday. Taehyung tilts his head signing to Hoseok they should get into the car before anyone else sees them. He didn't say anything but Hoseok followed him anyways, he was still angry about this morning hopefully nothing else kicks in to boil his anger more..

The ride felt empty, none of them said a word! Taehyung wanted to those million words that was inside of him but he knew Hoseok wasn't ready to hear it all. He knew Hoseok was still angry at him, he knew he was at fault. The truth had to came out but not at this time.

Hoseok noticed the while drive was heading to somewhere familiar, just wasn't sure to point it out. After a few turns, there it was, Taehyung's work place. He was then told that the male had important things to deal with. Hoseok nods but it didn't stop him to think why did Taehyung brought him along when he still had work to do?

"Stay in my office, please just don't go anywhere.." Taehyung told him before leaving the room where they just arrived. This indeed made Hoseok annoyed just getting told off by a guy who was a year younger than he was! Within minutes, Hoseok broke out from his prison and end up walking around the silent halls. Luckily no one else was there, so he was able to walk naturally admiring the vintage styles of the company.

"There's nothing much, why would he even warn me about roaming around? That brat, he must've think I'm still a child!" Hoseok thought to himself with anger, that's when he realised there was a brown wooden door near the far edge of the hall. It didn't looked creepy at all, just mysterious that made him eating to go there. He looked around once more if there were any staffs, he smiled as there weren't any people around.

He slowly opened the unlocked door with his heart beating fast for no reason, he felt nervous crawling up under his skin as he questioned what was behind that wooden door. Soon he saw a large room filled with beautiful canvas painting hung onto the walls, it was like an art gallery but something greater! He wasn't really interested in painting himself but he still admires the art and passion that others have to make these masterpiece.

Out of all, the only that strikes out to him was a sketched canvas of the Eiffel Tower with a hand holding onto a pencil, it looked like he'd seen this somewhere but he couldn't recall. He then noticed the was a signature at the very right bottom, he wondered who was this skilled person to make such a fine art. Strangely, it's not been shared for everyone to see. These masterpieces are trapped in this room, why?

"Hey, who's in here?"

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