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We arrive at the hospital and quickly went to the emergency room and we see namjoon oppa standing

"Oppa!"i said and i went to him and i hug him tightly and i broke the hug and i look at him"how was jin oppa?"i said worriedly and he smile showing his dimples"his fine nothing serious happend to him.He just need to eat some medicine so he can recover easily"Namjoon said and we all smile

"So that means we can take him to korea without any complications?"
Jimin ask and namjoon oppa nodded
"Our flight is tonight and it already 11:00am by just driving in here"tae
Hyung said and I nodded and the doctor went out

"Where's kim seok jin's family?"the doctor ask that i look at namjoon oppa bc his speaking English"were his family "namjoon said and the doctor smile"u all can visit him now"the doctor said and we jusy follow namjoon oppa

Until we see jin oppa

"Oppa!"i said i hug him tightly"are you okay now?!"i said worriedly and jin oppa chuckle and he nodded"are you hungry now hyung"jungkook ask and jin oppa nodded"okay me and hyerim will be right back"jungkook said and we both started walking while holding hands"when we go back to korea we all gonna be busy now"i said and i look down jungkook stop walking he turn to me so do i now we both facing each other

"Come on,hyerim,we still here in philipphines dont think about work that much im sure soo bin is taking a good care of your company"jungkook said and he kissed my forhead and my phone jusy ring i took it out of my pocket and see so hee unnie texted me

Me:hi unnie!why didn't you came at the airport?

So hee unnie:sorry hyerim-ah theres a emergency at my company..i just found out that jin oppa is sick is he alright?

Me:yes!he is alright we all going back to korea later..

So hee unnie:oh cool im going to pick you all up okay!?

Me:okay unnie!well i got to go now bye!see you tonight!

So hee unnie:bye!

(End of conversation)

We went straight to the cafeteria and we order jin oppa some food and all of the people here speaks english only so it hardly for the both of us to under stand

But we pass that!we took our orders an pay for it and went to jin oppa

"Oppa!heres your food!"i said as i place the food on the table and i started feeding jin oppa

Until he finish the whole bowl

"Anyways so hee unnie said shes goong to pick us up tonight"i said until i remember something"jhope oppa!here 's your sprite..i almost forgot it"i said and jhope oppa smile widely"thank you hyerim-ah!"jhope said and he hug me tightly and we both broke the hug


Were already home we took out luggage and take our blanket and went to the car and drove to the airport

We sit on the chairs and waited to namjoon oppa to take our tickets"im already exited to be back in korea!"ji
Min said and he put his head on my shoulder"what a lovely sibling we har here"suga said that made us laugh until namjoon oppa is bacl with out tickets in his head

"Were boarding now"namjoon said and we all stand up and took our luggage"240 boarding going to korea i repeat 240 boarding going to korea" the announcer said and we all board the plain this time jungkook and jhope is my seatmate

And then

The pilot started the engine

After he drive to his run way we fly

"Okay it my time to get a nice sleep!"i said i lay my head on jungkooks shoulder"goodnight babe"jungkook said and i close me eyes

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