Jade and Harleen Little Sister and Big Sister Necklace

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Jade wandered down the street with Selina

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Jade wandered down the street with Selina.  Life had changed a lot over the last few years for Jade.  Mr Pike had died.  Leaving the household in a little shock.  But Joe took over where his dad finished.  He become the new Pike man in town.  He was running his Dad's business very well.  He was a little abrupt with the girls now.  He thought he could talk to them, just like Mr Piked did.  Selina did not like it one bit.  So she kept Jade and her out of the house as much as she could.  Taylor did her bit to keep Bridget safe.  Mrs Pike these days was not up to what she used to do.  She was sick a lot.  But little Jade still lived in her own world.  She still seen the good in everyone.  As she skipped along side Selina she though about Harleen.  She knew now that Harleen was her sister.  She just had to be.  They shared the same eye colour, the same hair colour.  Harleen looked nothing like Ivy.  Even thought they were sisters.  

Today on the tour of uptown with Selina.  Jade seen something in the shop window she wanted.  Well there were two or three things she wanted.  But one in particular.  $400, might as well be $4.  Jade thought. Jade did not even have that much.  She wanted to get these things with money.  Not just steal it.  How to go about it?  "Sena how much money we get for running messages for Uncle Butch?" Jade asked.  "20 bucks why?" Selina asked.  "I need $400." Jade said.  "What for?" Selina asked.  "Well it's a surprise.  For you Harleen and Ivy." Jade said.  "What?" Selina asked.  "You know you give me surprises all the time?" Jade asked. "Yeah so?" Selina replied.  "So I want to give one to you, Harleen and Ivy." Jade said.  "So what is it.  Maybe I could help ya steal it." Selina said.  "Nope I want to pay for it." Jade said.  "Well kiddo I don't know who you will have to kill for that kind of money." Selina replied.  "Would I have to kill someone do ya think?" Jade asked.  "No ya fool.  But you could ask Uncle Butch if he would help ya." Selina said.  "I guess." Jade said with a smile.  Jade went to run off.  "Hey where you going?" Selina asked.  "To see Uncle Butch." Jade said with a smile.  

Jade's heart was pounding.  What would he say.  Would he even talk with her?  Only one way to find out Jade. She said to herself.  She knocked on the door at the side of the club.  The small man Oswald Cobblepot opened the door to her.  He looked down at her and snickered at her.  "What do you want?" He asked her.  She gulped.  "Hello Mr Oswald.  Can I talk with Uncle Butch please?" Jade asked the man.  He slammed the door in her face.  Jade stood there in a little shock.  Was he going to get Uncle Butch?  Did she wait?  Did she go?  As she was contemplating what to do the door burst open.  "Hello Jade.  Where is the other one today?" Butch asked as he stood in the doorway looking round for Selina.  "She aint with me today." Jade said.  "Oh, So what can I do for you today?" Butch asked.  "I need $400. Sena said I had to kill someone.  Who do you want me to kill?" Jade asked.  Butch did a double take.  Kill someone. jeez she was all of 8 years old!  "First I don't think ya need to kill anyone.  Although there is some....." Butch said glaring at Oswald.  "Alright I will go." Oswald said.  As he walked away with a grin on his face.  

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