G.A.G and Ect~

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Ok I got really bored so I came up with Names of Hetalia groups and so far I've come and yes I'm really bad at making Procures nor do I know Gauken Academy time schedules
G.A.G= Gauken Academy Girls(Girls only, OC included)
Info about group and activities
*In small print writing* 🐬Seychelles🐬
Intro: we are the girls of Gakuen Academy. Are you tired of boy nations claiming they're better that you, are you tired of them saying only boys can do it, well we're here to help. Being a few numbers of girls, we'd like toy recruit you(Readers that means your Female OC's(capitals too)are legible)
Here in G.A.G we learn the skills of Soccor, football, ATV's, basketball, maybe Tennis and parkcore, acrobatics(Handstands, Blackflips, Cartwheels, Splits) even mud volleyball, self defense(Against France), Ice Swimming(thanks to Isabella Frost(personification of Alaska) for her control over ice), Even paintball fights with realist guns which fire them also in funny costume's, and Ect. Also cant forget about VS boys on Wednesday's. On Friday 4:00pm we get to go clubbing, partying, even Karaoke freestyle even on some occasions we hold prank wars.
"It's fulling when we beat the boys, but when we lost sometimes that just means we fight harder" says co captain Sara Frost(Personification of Siberia). If you'd like to enroll for are group here's how to sign up in the comments
Country Personification:
Phone Number:
Email(if your OC has one):
Little About Yourself:
And remember it's all about the fun and challenge!
T.B.G.O.P.A= Totally Badass Guys Of Pure Awesomeness(Boys Only)
*in small print* written by 🐤Gilbert Beilschmidt🐥
Intro: Veclome not so awesome countries zhis is zhe awesome vhich is me PRUSSIA CUZ I AM AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
• vhat ve do here is train jou in zhe vays of pure awesomeness Keseseses~~~
And how jou ask?, by STUDYING ME ZHE AWESOME and maybe Alfred(vas forced to vrite zhis about Alfred cuz he's right behind me)
Ve train in mortal combat, hand to hand fighting, kicking, reflexes, speed, Daring Stunts, showing off to girls, floor Hockey, scone throwing, and best of all How to assert awesomeness and flat out being pure awesome. And jour revard every Friday is being around zhe awesomeness of me or maybe go partying, getting vasted, Karaoke possibly.
Here's how to sign up in the Comments
country or State Personification:
Phone Number:
Email(if your OC has one):

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