Chapter Thirty

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Annabelle's POV

I panted as I willed my legs to carry me further, further from my mate and further from my new home as I made my way into the forest towards the meeting point.

After Jax had stormed out of the hall I knew that he would never understand me wanting to leave willingly but he wasn't seeing clearly. If I did this, give myself over to Alpha Parker, then I could save everyone. I could save my new home.

A lone tear escaped but I swept it away angrily, I had no time to feel sorry for my self, I had a mission I had to focus on.

I lent against a tree as I doubled over from the stitch I was getting in my side, even though I was a lot stronger than when I first escaped the Leftens I still wasn't completely healed. My muscles were screaming at me to take a break but my mind was telling me I didn't have time, Jax would have found out that I was gone by now and sent a search party out.

I was surprised I had managed to escaped in the first place but it was fairly easy to slip away, mumbling something about needing the bathroom, when everyone was so focused on Jax.

I took one last deep breath before I straitened back up and carried on towards the meeting place. I don't know how I knew where I was going, I had never gone this far out of Jax's pack since I got here but some how I just knew I was heading in the right direction, as if someone was leading me there.

I suddenly heard a twig snap behind me and I froze in my tracks, had Jax's pack found me? Or was this Alpha Parker's pack following me and making sure I went though with the exchange? I wasn't to far from the meeting point, only a mile or two off, so it could be either one of them.

I got my answer when I saw a figure sprinting after me in the distance and recognised Xavier coming after me at full speed.

I cursed in my head before turning and putting all my energy I had into making my legs go faster, as much as my new found wolf hated the idea of leaving our mate she agreed with my decision and so helped me as my feet pounded against the ground faster and faster. Her Luna instincts had fully kicked in and she wanted to do everything she possibly could to protect her pack.

"Annabelle!" Xavier yelled behind me, willing me to stop but I ignored him and carried on going.

"Annabelle please... think about this for a second, this is not a solution!" He sounded closer than he was earlier and I cursed at his speed but thankfully he wasn't fast enough because I had reached my destination.

It was a little clearing in the trees surrounded in wild flowers right outside Jax's pack territory. If it wasn't for the situation I was in I'd probably admire the beauty of this place.

I turned around to see Xavier run to a stop in front of me, panting just as much as I was at the physical activity we'd just had. "Annabelle you don't need to do this, there is alway a way around this".

I shook my head and placed my hand on top of his as he tried to drag me back to the pack lands. "It's to late Xavier, I have made up my mind and I choose to live whatever short life I have left guilt free with Alpha Parker rather than loving a long life with Jax where the guilt of hurting all those people will crush me. I can't live like that... please... just let me go".

He shook his head "it's not that simple Annabelle, as Jax's best friend and beta I have to do everything in my power to protect him and you."

I looked into his eyes to see fierce determination in them swirling around with the gold of his wolf, he was talking to the rest of the pack and if Alpha Parker didn't turn up soon he'd be to late to do the exchange.

I suddenly smelt the horrible artificial smell that belonged to the person that I had been waiting for and turned around to see him emerge from the other side of the clearing.

"Ahh Annabelle you decided to show up, a very brave and smart decision I must say" he sneered as he looked me up and down. "You seem to have brought an escort though... that wasn't part of the deal little prophet."

I stared at him, not knowing what to say... the mere sight of him freezing me in my place.

"She is not going anywhere with you" Xavier growled next to me, stepping in front of me and Alpha Parker, taking a defence stance.

Alpha Parker just laughed at him and crossed his arms, not the least bit concerned with the fact that an angry beta was staring him down, ready to fight.

"Is that so little beta? And how are you going to achieve that exactly when you are so outnumbered?"

I frowned at his words, only seeing him in the clearing in front of us but that soon changed as at least twenty men and women slowly emerged from the shadows, each looking as menacing as the next.

My heart rate picked up as I held onto Xavier's arm, the last thing I wanted was for him to get hurt.

"Xavier please just go... I don't want to be the reason for you to get hurt too".

He just shook my arm off him and stared Alpha Parker down, not listening to me on the slightest.

I suddenly heard howling in the distance and knew it was Jax and the pack coming for us, they had caught our sent and were making their way over.

Xavier smirked as we saw Alpha Parker's calm demeanour crack sightly, obviously aware of the angry Alpha and his pack that were making their way over here.

"Times up Parker" Xavier growled.

"Nothings over until I say it is" Alpha Parker growled and before I could bat an eyelid Alpha Parker's pack descended on us. There was little either of us could do being so outnumbered and before I could even think about trying to defend myself a guy made his way over to me and punched me in the temple, knocking me out cold.

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