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chaeyoung approach jennie and jennie didn't notice then cheayoung spoke "Unnie!"

"WAHHH!!" Jennie close her eyes and start to punch and slap girl

"Hey!-- Hey!! unnie stop!" Chaeyoung said while avoiding jennie's hand

"Chaeyoung! you scared me!" Jennie said while gasping

"i see you, Your over thinking, are you saying that you love your ex's" Chaeyoung get widen her eyes and mouth

"Aish!, stop questionning nonsense, and maybe miyeon was waiting for us.." jennie stand and start to walk leaving chaeng

Chaeng follow her and chaeng ask lot of question, yes a lot

"But i feel you unnie! your thinking to your ex's!" Chaeng said proudly

"Can you stop saying that, i-im nl okay?!" Jennie turn around to face her and she rolled her eyes

They stop for a while and they walk again

"Hmm~~~ is that Kai yiee~?" Chaeng put her hands to jennie's shoulder

"Ugh chaeng i already say to you that i forget him!" jennie said with cold tone

"Unnie, you've been single for a long time...and miyeon and i were dating with someone unnie" Chaeng explain that jennie make think

"But im afraid to hurt again" Jennie said and sigh

They was still walking on the hallway

"But if you try again, why not?" Chaneg smirk and jennie take a big sighed again

"It keeps bothering me chaeng, every i sleep, i dream something that saying "Hey he's coming" and the girl was disapear" jennie said sadly

"Hmmm maybe jinsoo!, i ship you and him!, he's good for you" Chaeng said happily

"Huh? what no" Jennie said and chuckled

"Don't say me jen that was pra-" Rośe didn't dinish her sentence beacuse a man walk in front of us but the man didn't saw them

Their manager was with that man, and the man looks so annoyed and like a cold person

"Wait is that pran?!" Chaeng said with nervous tone

Jennie's heart beats rapidly, they stop for a moment, chaeng looked at jennie


My world stop when i saw her, when i look at her it seems he change a lot,

he's so annoyed, and so serious, Im so glad he didn't saw me..

His about to glare to our direction but im glad that our manager talk to him so he cannot saw me and chaeng

He was wearing a redturtlenuck suit

He's so handsome, Maybe he had a girlfreind i guess?

Then i back to the reality

"Hey unnie?" chaeng hold my back

"Yes?" I respond and i smile nervously

I remember her face, so nice but i know her attitude is like a "gangster"

"You miss him?" Chaeng ask and i keep dazed and she's waiting for my answer

Yes i miss her chaeng.

"No! I will not miss or like her again and never forever!" i said to her and she laugh

"Wae let's see?" After that chaeng laugh and start to walk

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