Its too early but too late.

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I woke up jumping out of my bed I ain't much of a screamer so I didn't scream I was shaking and scared like something bad just happened I was sweating my shirt stuck to my body my breathing not so good. I was starting to suffocate it hurt my brain I started getting a headache and I don't know what to do my vision is getting weary I can barely see my room it's blurry I'm freaking out I made out a few objects in my room one to be my dresser and phone I slowly went over there trying to breathe but still I couldn't I made it to my dresser things around me started going black I blinked to try get my eye sight back but instead it got worser. I reached for my phone but feel knocking the light on the bedside table off I heard my name being yelled then I hit my head on the floor and everything went black.

Gemma's Pov
I was awoken by a loud bang and a smash of what sounded like glass or something at first I thought it was coming from the kitchen until I heard another bang come from Noah's room I started yelling her name and when there was no answer I rushed to her room and she was lying an the floor with blood coming from her head I rushed over to her checking to see if she had a pulse it was there but weak I called 911. What felt like hours of waiting the ambulance finally arrived and by then they were rushing around her cold paled coloured skin she was gone is all I thought after one of the paramedics started doing CPR I knew that I'd be questioned but right now I had to call Jax he needs to know what's going on so I left my granddaughters room and got my phone then made my way at back Clay stayed in the house with the people trying to save her life I dialled Jax's number after a few rings he answered his tired voice it was obvious he was asleep when I called.


"Yeah mom what do you need it's 3 in the morning' Jax said yawning and concern and worry laced in his voice.

"Jax it's Noah she is hurt" Gemma says with silent tears running down her cheek.

"What do you mean mom what's wrong with Noah? Where is she? What the hell is going on? Mom" Jax questioned with more worry and anger in his voice at the mention of his daughter being hurt.

"I don't know Jax I woke up to a bang I thought it was coming from the kitchen but then heard another bang coming from Noah's room when I got there there was blood coming from her head I called the ambulance she has to make it Jackson she has too".

"Fuck mom I'm on my way now just wait for me and call for any information I'll let the guys know".

"Just meet us at the hospital baby I got to go I want to be in the ambulance with her I love you Jackson".

"Okay see you at the hospital mom I love you too bye".


After Gemma called Jax she made her way to her room the were still doing little things with Noah before they loaded her into the back of the ambulance Gemma took that time to get changed.

Once Gemma got changed she headed down stairs and out front to where they were just loading Noah in she was breathing but barely I hopped in the back after they loaded Noah in the van and Clay yelled that he'll see us there when the the back doors closed we were off but Noah weren't awake.

About 5 minutes later Noah stopped breathing again the worked around me resuming CPR like before I just sat there watching as they done things to my Granddaughter to save her life I was scared and in shock that I blacked out.

6 hours later.

I woke up to a very bright room my head hurt like hell I tried looking around but I couldn't see anything it was too blurry I blinked to try get my eye sight back it worked I could see to where I noticed I was in a hospital room I then started moving I was so uncomfortable laying down when I sat up everything hurt and I made a noise which woke the two people beside my bed.

"Noah baby your awake oh my god are you okay? D do you want me to get a doctor"? Gemma shot up with many questions for her granddaughter six hours ago they were told Noah might not wake up and will have to be on life support.

"Grams I'm fine I just I'm okay I promise. How long has it been and what happened"?. Alie questioned why she was in the hospital.

"Ahh you number your head six hours ago and had internal bleeding in the brain so you had to go for surgery". Jax answered his daughter.

"Ohh yeah I remember I.. I had a night.... ni nightmare of what hap.. happened to me when I was young..... younger". Noah stuttered remembering what happened 6 hours ago.

"It's okay baby when your ready you can tell us what ever happened ain't going to change the way we see you". Gemma said trying to give her granddaughter a boost of confidence.

"Ahhh miss Teller your up I got a few menditory questions for you so let's get going, how's your vision"? "My vision is fine I can see clearly". "Alright are you feeling dizzy do you got a headache at all"? "No no headache no dizziness". Okay last question do you remember who you are"? "Yeah I do I'm Noah Jocalie Ry Teller daughter of that dude with the blonde mop of hair and Grandaughter of that one their". Noah replied to the doctor in a sarcastic tone. "Okay then I say she will Stay just for tonight let us monitor her heart and see if their ain't any problems and run a few tests to check if her health is good but she looks well so let's hope so". the doctor told Jax and Gemma.

"Thanks doc" Jax replied " well seems like your booked for the night I'll go give the guys a call happy has been on edge for you kid".

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