Chapter 19

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Bringing Dust to Light

Back in Japan: the next morning

Hoshi rolled on her back from her side as she lay in her king-sized bed, she lightly ran a hand through her hair and glanced at the ring on her right hand middle finger before sighing softly.

"Enchantment rings... I need to recharge the magic..." she grumbled before sitting up and stretching before moving to freshen up before getting dressed and leaving the house to go to do some shopping for the next week.

She was joined by Tiger and Draco as per their wishes; they walked around the shopping centre gaining a few stares from the people around them to which they ignored. Hoshi was smiling softly as she looked through a container full of wool before moving on to look at material which sat nearby. She bought different colours before they moved to look at a furniture store to get more furniture for the house as she hadn't gotten much before they moved in as she didn't have the money at the time.

Hoshi, Tiger and Draco ended up buying a lot of food which was out of habit from having Fairy Tail members staying with her sometimes.

They walked back to the house as she didn't have school for the day and began putting the shopping away before Hoshi began working on the house again, starting with the inside first so the outside of the house still looked run down while the inside was looking more like a home, she'd already bought a big enough couch for the living room and a TV with a cabinet underneath. The cabinet itself was handcrafted by Tiger as he enjoyed carving.

He even made her a new kitchen table which could easily fit all her Celestial Spirits around it with plenty of extra space for any guests that may visit, such as Haruhi and her father. Hoshi was busy fixing up the entrance to the secret basement with a set of tools she had bought to be able to fix the fencing at the edge of the front garden.

She used a chisel to fix the panelling by straightening it up before she could slide the panel across to reveal a keyhole under the staircase where a door would usually sit if there was a basement.

"I found it!" she smiled as she looked up the stairs where Draco was coming down, he smiled gently as he walked to her and ruffled her hair.

"You got the key?" Tiger asked as he approached them, a small smirk on his lips as he set the hammer in his tool belt.

"I've always had it" she smiled as a large brass key appeared in her hand, she slowly slid it into the key hole and tried to turn it but it didn't budge.


"It has been a few years since you were down there, don't worry" Draco smiled gently.

"I'm sure we have something that can help with that" Tiger smirked lightly as he walked towards the kitchen, he returned shortly later with a can of spray.

"Use this"

Hoshi nodded and took the can before shaking it and removing the key before bringing up the red straw like attachment and sprayed into the keyhole for a moment before giving the can back to Tiger, she waited a moment before sliding the key back into the lock. It turned easily when she twisted it around before a click sounded and part of the wall opened outward, the smell of stale air hitting the three before they covered their noses and mouths.

"This place has been sealed away for over ten years; I knew it was going to smell a bit..." Hoshi spoke as she waved a hand in front of her place.

"Do you think everything is still intact down there?"

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