Chapter 15

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Hitachiin Hijinks

A few days later, Hoshi was suffering from a headache and she wasn't exactly in the mood for the high jinks of the Host Club, but to her luck, the Hitachiin twins were fighting over something. Hell, they even dyed their hair so they didn't match anymore, when Hoshi had first noticed the pink hair she had turned so suddenly that she had almost fallen off her chair, only to realise it was just Hikaru.

It was lunchtime when they were really getting on her nerves, they were throwing food and other items in the dining hall, she had only gone there to eat as Haruhi was supposed to eat with the Club and Ritsu was nowhere to be found.

Must they fight? Especially today when I have a headache? Damn nightmares... damn table... she thought to herself as she rubbed her temples lightly as she growled lowly, gaining the attention of some students nearby, which they moved away from her as she glanced at them.

She stood up suddenly as she closed the lid of her boxed lunch, making sure it was shut firmly when she heard someone call out for her to duck, she turned to see who it was, only to have a hot bowl of soup hit her directly in the face, luckily she had managed to close her eyes in time when something hard hit her head on. Everything suddenly became deadly silent as the chair that had hit her fell to the floor with a clatter, she kept one hand on her lunch box while she fished out a napkin from her pocket and wiped the soup from her face, only to notice blood on the napkin as well.

She cast a glance towards the direction of where the items came from, only to see the Hitachiin twins standing still, their faces paled at the sight of the blood coming from her nose. No one moved as she picked up the lunch box from the table and made her way towards the twins, a cold glint in her eyes as she neared them.

"We're sorry! It was an accident!" they cried out in unison.

"I know..." she told them as she walked right past them and headed for the doors.

"its not the first time I've been hit with flying food or flying chairs... Mind you, the ones back home are much harder" she smirked lightly back at them before disappearing from the student's sight out the doors to the dining hall.

Everyone finished eating in silence and the twins were still pale when they had left the dining hall, they couldn't explain why they had felt afraid.

"His eyes looked pale blue there for a second... Do you think it was a trick of the light?" Tamaki asked Kyoya as they watched them leave, Kyoya was writing down in his book.

"Most likely" he responded, not looking up.

Hoshi had gone to an empty room, only to find it was an unused Home Economics room, she sat on the side of the sink in the kitchen while Phoenix tended to her nose, healing it as he felt her forehead.

"You have a fever..." he commented as he finished healing her nose.

"That's why I'm taking my medicine now..." she spoke softly as she used a towel from her re-quip space to dry her wet hair as she had cleaned the soup from herself with the water in the sink, she had also just changed her shirt.

"They're almost as bad as the guild when they brawl..." she sighed softly before swallowing down the bitter medication from Porlyusica, shuddering once she swallowed it all.

"I suppose they are... I should take my leave before I'm seen... Take care, and let me know how you're feeling when you get back to the apartment, before you decide to go to bed"

"I will, thank you Phoenix, really" she smiled softly at him, the towel disappearing back into her re-quip space.

He soon disappeared and she drained the sink, with her damp hair still down, she decided to go exploring in hopes of finding something interesting. She hadn't been walking for long when she came across the third music room, she stared up at the sign for a moment when she could hear crashing coming from the other side of the door and sighed softly, she listened as the crashing sound stopped and she could hear voices, it was the twins and Tamaki.

"ugh don't you guys think that maybe its time you give up all this fighting? Its driving me insane" Tamaki spoke, clearly sounding irritated.

"What you say? Its driving you insane? Ugh you've gotta be kidding me, how do you think I feel right now? Every time I look in the mirror, I see 'his' face. I'm sick and tired of constantly being mistaken for you Kaoru! The truth is, I hate your guts!" Hikaru yelled out

"You took the words right out of my mouth. In fact I hate you so much, I bought this. Beelezeneff the curse doll" Kaoru spoke.

Hoshi heard Tamaki gasp as she gripped the handles of the doors at the word curse.

"I'm going to complete the curse Hikaru. I'm gonna write your name on his back. From this day forward, you're going to experience nothing but misfortune and sorrow" Kaoru stated.

The doors suddenly flew open as Haruhi had moved towards the twins and hit the two over their heads, Hoshi had taken the opportunity to snatch the so called curse doll away from Kaoru and was standing with her back to them, clutching said doll in her hands, her still damp hair falling slightly over her eyes, the others hadn't noticed her yet as Haruhi was busy yelling at the twins.

"Would you guys knock it off!? What do you think you're doing? You don't bring something like this into a petty fight! Both of you are at fault here but what's really sad is that you've brought everyone else around you into your big mess! Now apologise to each other! If you don't make up right now, I'm never going to let you come over to my house! Have I made myself clear?" she yelled as Hoshi turned to look at them.

"hmm" the twins mused as they both stood back up.

"hm?" Haruhi questioned, obviously confused.

"so what you're saying Haruhi, is that if we make up we can come over to your place?" they asked in unison, linking arms and leaning over her slightly as Hoshi moved to stand in front of her, a small smirk on her lips as she held the doll up for Haruhi to read what was written on the doll's back.

"They got you Haruhi" Hoshi smiled apologetically as Haruhi read the word "blank" on the dolls back.

Haruhi cried out in shock and surprise at the fact that she had been tricked into giving the boys permission to visit her apartment, her face pale. Hoshi pat her back slightly as the Hitachiin twins began apologising to each other about their fight.

"you gotta be kidding! You mean you guys were faking it this whole time?" Honey was complaining as he waved his arms about.

Both Haruhi and Tamaki had fallen to the floor; Hoshi figured it to be out of exhaustion from the fighting the twins did.

"we didn't have anything else to do, we were bored" the twins told him before laughing.

Hoshi watched as the twins pulled faces at the doll in her hand, they then looked up to see it was her as none of them, besides Haruhi had noticed her in the room. Hoshi then walked upto them and flicked their foreheads lightly, frowning slightly.

"magic isn't a toy, especially curses... Don't do it again or I'll be the one to hit you, I'll not have Haruhi subjected to that sort of stuff"

They nodded silently as they all watched as Hoshi then left the room, waving as she went while still holding the Beelezeneff doll in her other hand before there was a flash of light and the doll disappeared.

"See you back at home Haruhi, I'll make sure your dinner is ready for when you get there"

"O-okay, see you then" Haruhi called out as Hoshi soon disappeared from their sight.

"He's an odd one..." Tamakicommented and the others agreed before they went about tidying up for the nextday.

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