Chapter 12

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Physical Exams, Dr Yabu and meeting the Ouran Host Club

The next day, she was fidgeting slightly as she walked beside Haruhi and the Hitachiin twins towards the school clinic until Haruhi spoke up.

"So what's the deal with this formation A thing you guys were talking about? What do they do during physical exams here at Ouran anyway?"

"It's no different to a physical exam you'd get at any other school" Hikaru told her.

"Yeah, why would a physical exam be any different for us just because we're rich?" Kaoru added in.

"Heh Your right, I didn't think about it that way" Haruhi spoke before she opened the doors, Hoshi swallowed hard as she looked inside.

"Welcome students" Nurses and Doctors greeted them.

"uh" Hoshi glanced at Haruhi as she stared into the room.

"Uh... W-what... What is all this?" Haruhi asked

"Just another physical exam" Hikaru said as he passed them and into the room.

"The usual" Kaoru commented as he too entered the room.

"The usual?" both Haruhi and Hoshi asked at the same time before following them in.

Hoshi looked around the room as she stood by Haruhi's side, unsure of what to do next.

"Mr. Fujioka? I'm your nurse for the physical exams this afternoon" spoke a woman who stepped up beside Haruhi.


"See you later Haruhi" Hoshi smiled gently as the nurse lead her away.

"Good luck..."

"Mr. Hoshi?" Hoshi turned to see a female doctor standing behind her.

"Yes Ma'am?"

"I'll be taking you for your physical exam today, please follow me to the special boys' clinic" she smiled gently before starting to lead the way with Hoshi following behind her.

"Did the chairman talk to you about my predicament?" Hoshi asked her as they walked before they entered a room.

"Yes, now please disrobe behind that curtain so we may begin, I have another student coming soon"

Hoshi did as she was told and proceeded to have her physical examination in her normal form as it was recommended, once she was finished with her exam, she changed back into her male disguise and redressed before stepping out from behind the curtain and walking to the doctor.

"About the exam results, could you not tell the hospital from which you're from, I do not want anyone knowing about this, especially your employer"

"Doctor patient privacy, do not worry, these results will be placed in your school file so no one shall see them, I was also sworn to secrecy"

"Thank you Ma'am"

Shortly after that, the door opened and Hoshi turned to see Haruhi entering the room.

"Hello Mr. Fujioka. I've been made aware of your situation. If you wouldn't mind, please disrobe for me over there" the doctor spoke as Hoshi moved to stand by the door, hidden from view.

"Sure" she went behind the curtain which Hoshi had used previously.

A few moments later, the door opened again and a strange man wearing a white lab coat entered the room, moving silently, Hoshi pulled him back behind the door and covered his mouth to keep him quiet.

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