Chapter 9

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Witnessing Magic and heading to Ouran

A few days had gone by and she had bought a stamp for her letter to her pen pal and had managed to send the letter off before she headed for Ouran Academy with Haruhi. Haruhi was confused as she glanced at her new friend, Hoshi was currently using transformation magic to make herself appear as a boy so she didn't have to worry about anyone realising she was actually a girl in disguise.

"So this is just one bit of magic you can use...?" Haruhi asked as Hoshi looked at her.

"Yeah, I don't want people knowing I'm a girl at this school, besides the chairman of the board as he's basically the one paying the scholarship..." Hoshi spoke, her voice sounding more male but she still sounded like herself in a way.

"Where did you get the inspiration for this form from?"

"It took me a while to get the proportions on the drawing right but I practised a few times at home before I was satisfied... I have other transformations but I'm not going to be using them in school, not unless I have to anyway."Hoshi smiled softly as she tied her hair back with a ribbon, it was still jet black but didn't appear as long as it was.

"I see" Haruhi smiled back softly.

Hoshi had explained that morning to Haruhi about how she used magic but she didn't go into specifics of what type of magic she used, only that she could use Transformation Magic, it still surprised and shocked her momentarily when Hoshi's female body suddenly changed into a male form. Hoshi had to admit, Haruhi was taking the concept of her magic well and it made her a little happy.

"Hey, Hoshi...?"

"yes Haruhi?" she looked towards her friend.

"Why are you wearing bandages? Are you injured?" she asked, her concern clear in her voice as Hoshi smile slightly.

"I guess you could say that, but I'm having cream applied to help with the healing process..." Hoshi told her while she fixed her white button down shirt and dusted herself off of imaginary dust due to her nervousness.

The rest of the walk was with small chatter, basically of what they were going to make for dinner that night and Hoshi teasing Haruhi about giving her a surprise for lunch. They laughed a bit and soon they were standing out the front of the Academy, Hoshi swallowed hard as she looked up at the huge pink building.

"It's bigger than the cathedral back home... Much bigger than I expected..." she mumbled to herself as she looked at Haruhi, her green eyes a little wide.

"Don't worry, I thought the same thing when I first started here..." Haruhi chuckled softly as she headed inside, followed closely by Hoshi.

Hoshi could feel the eyes of the students around them watching her as she walked with Haruhi, both of them smiling softly as Hoshi then walked beside her, lightly placing her hand over her keys hooked to her belt in a black leather case, hidden partially by her jacket.

"Remember Haruhi, you can't tell anyone about what I told you this morning, okay?"

"Okay" Haruhi agreed as she smiled at Hoshi before Hoshi smiled back with a childish grin.



Hoshi looked around slightly as they entered the building and started making their way to the Principal's office, Hoshi's hands inside the pockets of her black jacket she had decided to put on last minute. Once Hoshi was inside the office, Haruhi had to take off to get to class before someone came looking for her, Hoshi waved to her before walking to the door and knocking gently.

"Come in" came the voice on the other side.

Hoshi entered the office and noticed a white haired man with glasses behind the desk and a man with light brown hair standing in front of said desk, she took notice how smartly dressed the two men were, and smiled apologetically.

"I do apologise, I hope I'm not interrupting anything" Hoshi spoke, her hand still on the doorknob as she held the door open still.

"No, please come in and close the door" the man behind the desk spoke and she did as she was told before approaching the desk.

"You must be the new Honour student, Ms Hoshi, am I correct?" he asked her.

"Yes Sir, I am very grateful for you giving me the chance to study at this Academy" she smiled gently as she bowed.

"It was Mr. Suoh's recommendation" he spoke as he gestured at said man who smiled gently at her.

"He believes you to be bright enough to be enrolled here, just by looking at the test and from reading a recommendation letter we received here at the academy from your guardian back home, it'd be wrong of me to not allow you enrolment, though, I do have a couple of questions..." the man spoke as Hoshi looked at him.

"Yes Sir?" she asked softly.

"First, why have you not supplied your surname? And second, you are female, correct?" he asked, feeling a little embarrassed at asking the second question.

"Also, why have you requested to be referred to as a male student?" the man she now knew as Mr Suoh asked as he moved to stand beside the desk.

"Ah... Well, the thing is, I'm not certain if I'm allowed to use my surname as I was excommunicated from my family at a young age... For your second question Sir, I was born female and am disguised as a male because of the first answer... The male student reasoning is purely because of the disguise and for studying purposes... I do hope it's alright" she explained as she rubbed the back of her neck slightly in nervousness.

"I see, so, would you mind if we knew your surname? For future reference, and do not fear, we will not tell anyone else and we'll keep your student file sealed so no one can 'hack' into it if you do not wish them to" the man behind the desk spoke as he and Mr. Suoh nodded silently to one another then they both looked at her.

In fear of getting into trouble for not complying, she bowed slightly as she spoke.

"My name is Hoshi, HoshiSohma"

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