Chapter-21 (e)

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Chapter-21: Dead Person Alive,  Founders and Past Fact 1

When Selene opened the door she was shocked to see the person that was standing in front of her because everyone thought that the person was dead and she saw his portrait at Grimmauld Place when her father took her to meet her grandmother Walburga.

"Hello Ms Potter-Black, can I come in? " He questioned with a slight smile on his face and Selene just moved aside in time for Sirius to come front and the reaction was same from him too.

"Reg... Regulus. " Sirius said and silence followed the room as everyone stared with wide eyes towards Regulus.

"Hello to you too Siri and I'm happy to see my niece and you out of Azkaban. " Regulus replied in the answer which set everyone on motion and started firing questions at once.

"Quiet everyone, first let me breathe then I will answer all your questions one by one, and Selene I'm happy to have you back last I saw you was when you were a baby," Regulus said taking Selene into his arms.

"I'm happy to meet you too Uncle Regulus," Selene said reciprocating the hug by then everyone got settled.

"Okay Reg, now will you tell us the reason why you made all we believe you were dead?" Orion asked.

"Father the Dark Lord gave me a mission and after completing it I was returning and got attacked by Order of Phoenix, was injured gravely and lost consciousness so they taught that I was dead and left from there after a few hours I woke up and I knew that if they came to know that I was alive they will target me again so I captured a muggle used Black family spell to make him look like me then by the help of goblins I created a new  identity and then started to leave in France and once I came to know that Siri is out of Azkaban, I completed my work as soon as possible then come here to meet all of you," Regulus completed his tale and everyone was stunned by the revelation.

"I'm happy you are fine and alive Regulus," Orion said.

"Yes, Reggie I'm happy to have my little brother back," Sirius said taking Regulus in a hug.

"Now that you are here I think you can take transfiguration post for 1 through 4 years in this way you will be with us as well as Minerva will have time to think about her past actions regarding Selene," Arcturus said.

"Also in this way, one more person will be near to children if they face any problems with Albus or anyone else," Sirius said

"Yes Uncle Reg take up the post please I want to spend time with you too and also I want to know you," Selene said with puppy dog eyes which she got from Sirius which is a very dangerous trait to inherit as it can melt the heart of steel too.

"Okay I agree on this then I will wrap my work in France and will shift here completely," Regulus said.

"I'm going to talk to the board of governors by showing lack of communication skills between Minerva and other students and I hope it gets through them even it doesn't get through still I can appoint it as most of the people are on our side," Lucius said.

"It is decided then the first Article regarding History facts section will be about Lord Slytherin and Lord Gryffindor which will be looked by Narcissa, Irma and Cassie meanwhile Regulus will join as Transfiguration professor and Rose will have a chat with Slytherin tonight and inform us," Charles said and everyone nodded their heads.

"Can anyone tell me what's happening exactly?" Regulus questioned being confused and then everything was explained to him up to date by Sirius, Remus and Severus and Regulus also felt rage towards Albus but he supposed to lash it out at the correct time.

Selene entered common room of Slytherin only to get bombarded by questions by her friends and Draco who was concerned for her and once again she found herself explaining everything to them and once they got settled with everything Selene turned towards Portrait of Salazar only to find him with another person who was in red and gold robes with brown eyes and black hair who is an inch or two taller than Salazar.

"Ric meet our great-granddaughter Selene and Selene meet your other great-grandfather Godric Gryffindor." Salazar introduced them and by then the common room was empty as Draco made everyone leave and left himself.

"It's my pleasure to meet you, Lord Gryffindor," Selene replied making them smile in appreciation.

"I'm happy to meet you cub and now what is that I'm listening that both our houses are fighting for blood purity which never existed before a century?" Godric questioned.

"Grandpa Ric Headmaster Dumbledore is the one who started to alienate Slytherin House from other three houses and no one in a century knew along with our family that you both are married and Blacks, Gaunts and along with Potters are descendants of Gryffindor and Slytherin," Selene replied.

"That old fool will pay for what he did to the school and I will see it with glee and delight," Salazar said.

"Grandpa Ric, Sal I wanted to ask you something?" Selene said.

"What is it cub?" Godric asked her.

"Well Papa and others are printing about different aspects in a paper called daily prophet and one of the aspects is about the history and he wishes to print about you two, so can we reveal to people that you both are bonded?" Selene asked.

"Of course you can print it because I want to know people about our history," Godric said and Selene nodded her head.

"Grandpa I will talk to you later I need to inform Papa and Aunt about the article," Selene said.

"Of course cub, but some other time bring our family, they will love to meet their ancestors and we like to meet of our great-grandchildren," Godric said.

"Okay I will tell them to meet you people on the weekend here," Selene replied and both founders left the portrait.

After that Selene went to Severus quarters to inform about the development as the historical fact and one of the truth will be printed tomorrow. After an hour she had dinner and retired to bed.

Next day Selene was unable to sit quite as she was excited to see headmaster's face after reading the news which is the truth which he kept secret for over a century while her friends and Draco were looking at her in amusement then owls started filling the great hall.

History destroyed lies made to keep the truth in dark.

You read right readers, today's history fact is about the legendary feud about two out of four founders who were known to be sworn, enemies. Yes, it is about Lord Godric Gryffindor and Lors Salazar Slytherin.

We know them as enemies having different opinions about Muggle-borns, Slytherin is known for blood supremacy and Gryffindor is known for free reign of Muggle-borns. But today from an unknown source that claimed that the person had solid proof of the fact that I'm going to inform you is indeed true and the evidence is 100% true.

Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor are bonded and life mates who loved each other very much and had three children, for now, I'm  not going to inform which families they are and this fact was known to the people who are a century old but for the last century no one knows the fact and the arguments they use to have in the middle of great hall was for fun.

So dear readers still how much of our history is hidden or destroyed by old wizards and witches for their profit? Stay tuned to the Daily Prophet as I will be bringing hidden history to the light.

Rita Skeeter,
Daily Prophet.

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