Chapter 8

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A place to Sleep, Dinner, and talking of Ouran

A few hours later, Hoshi was sitting up on the roof above Ranka's and Haruhi's apartment with her knees pulled up to her chest as she watched the horizon, getting the 'lay of the land' as she would say while she waited to see Haruhi return, glad to have already made a friend since arriving back in Japan. Not to mention that she found out from Ranka that Haruhi was attending Ouran Academy which Hoshi had gotten a scholarship into.

She lightly touched her bandages and sighed softly as she looked at the figure beside her who had appeared in a golden flash.

"Does it look that bad?" She asked Draco as he looked at her.

"Not really, Phoenix says your healing well. People are concerned that you ran away from home from physical abuse... We could hear some of them through the keys..." Draco told her

"Not to mention that Ranka is a father and his daughter is the same age as you so his fathering nature will come through when it comes to you, his daughter's first female friend at Ouran academy, even if you haven't started yet, you're still a student there now."

"And everyone there will stare as well, I need to disguise myself as a male student, so 'they' don't get wind of me being back in Japan..." she mumbled the last part as she glanced ahead of them.

"Understandable... I should go, your new friend is coming and we don't need her being too suspicious about you so soon." He chuckled lightly before disappearing.

"See you later then" Hoshi smiled softly before she climbed down and walked to Haruhi, helping her carry the shopping back to the apartment.

Once everything was put away, Hoshi made Haruhi a cup of coffee so she could relax while Ranka was getting ready for work.

"Any luck in finding a house?" Haruhi asked her.

"I found one a little way down the street, I'm bidding for both the house and the land it is on, and I've saved up plenty of money over the years. But if the house is run down then I'll just have to restore it back to it's former glory, I've had practise back home with building and renovating." Hoshi told her as she thought back to when she had to help rebuild the guild hall after Phantom Lord attacked them.

"Was it that bad?" Haruhi asked as she noticed the look on her face.

"Well, no one died so I don't consider it too bad..." Hoshi smiled gently at her.

"Ranka told me that you attend Ouran Academy"

"He did? Well, I do but I'm on a scholarship..." Haruhi told her.

"Really? Cool, I'm going to start there on Monday. We might even be in the same class if we're lucky. I read that there's 4 library rooms." Hoshi smiled, a light blush on her cheeks.

"Really? Wow, that is cool, I can show you around" Haruhi told her.

"Ranka told me to stay away from music room 3 too... I don't know why but I guess it must be dangerous if he says to stay away from it..." Hoshi said as she rubbed her chin, giving Haruhi her coffee.

"Also, Haruhi, Hoshi will be staying here for a couple of days until she can get her accommodations sorted out" Ranka told her as he came out from the bedroom in his work outfit.

"You don't have to put me up Ranka, I've slept outside before" Hoshi said before looking towards him "You look great by the way"

"Thank you dear, but don't try to change the subject, you're staying here until you've got things settled" Ranka told her.

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