Chapter 7

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A New Friend

Hoshi POV

I can hardly believe that I'm back in Japan... I didn't think I'd be coming back so soon... Even if 12 years seems longer to some people, well, other than those few years back, but... I'm home... and I'll soon be attending a prestigious school that I never thought I'd be entering, even if it's on a scholarship.

Looking around, I stood back up and started looking for a taxi that could take me closer to the school that I'd be attending in hopes of finding an apartment or house that I could possibly live in, maybe a local could help by lending me a newspaper. But I wouldn't find out until I actually started moving, once I managed to hail a taxi, I gave the driver the address of the school and sat back as he began to drive as I put my seatbelt on.

This will certainly be a change of pace from Fairy Tail...

Even thinking of the name of my guild caused my wounds to ache a little, I glanced towards the dashboard of the vehicle before pulling out my wallet.

"Could you drop me off here please?" I spoke to the driver before he pulled to the side of the road, I then paid him and got out of the back seat and closed the door before watching him drive off.

Glancing around, I noticed I was out the front of an apartment building, it was a small complex and it was a soft pink in colour.

"Nice, but I'd doubt I'd be able to fit all of my belongings into something so small..." I was talking to myself as I rubbed the back of my neck, glancing around at the neighbourhood.

"Excuse me...? Are you lost...?"

No one's POV

"Excuse me...? Are you lost...?" came a voice from behind Hoshi, startling her.

Hoshi spun around at the sudden voice behind her, just noticing a girl who was possibly the same age as herself, the girl had short brown hair, cut like that of a boys and she had the sneaking suspicion that she had cut it herself.

"Kinda and sorry about that" Hoshi smiled lightly, her cheeks a light pink.

"It's alright, I should apologise though, I should have cleared my throat" the girl smiled apologetically.

"No, its fine. Do you live around here?" Hoshi asked as she moved away from the side of the road as a car passed by.

"Yes, I live with my dad in one of the apartments" she told Hoshi as she gestured to the pink apartment building.

"Ah, cool, then do you possibly know of any houses around here that are renting out or are for sale...? Even if its rent to buy, I don't mind. And this neighbourhood seems really nice." Hoshi smiled, noticing how the girl continued to glance at her bandages.

"Um, I'll ask my dad, I'll be back in a moment" Hoshi nodded as she sat on the bottom step as the girl went to her apartment.

A moment later, Hoshi felt a tap on her good shoulder and noticed the girl was back.

"My dad would like to speak to you, he's back in the apartment"

"Okay, lead the way" Hoshi then stood up and stretched slightly as she followed behind the other girl.

On entering the apartment, Hoshi removed her sneakers and left them by the door before she shut the door behind herself then followed the girl into the living room area where a man with long hair pulled back into a ponytail sat.

Hoshi sat down across from him and his daughter before she bowed her head.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir" Hoshi greeted him

"My, aren't you a polite one. But there's no need to be so formal dear, please call me Ranka" He smiled gently at her.

"O-okay, Ranka. My name is Hoshi... Just Hoshi..."

"Haruhi tells me you're looking for a place to live, yes?"

"Your daughter is correct, yes Ranka, and I was hoping you knew of any houses that were available" Hoshi nodded as she looked at them both, noticing a look of surprise on Haruhi's face.

"There certainly are, but why a house and not an apartment like this one?" he questioned as Hoshi smiled gently.

"I'm afraid it wouldn't be big enough if my friends from home were to come visit me"

"Ah, I see, well then..." Ranka smiled as he held a newspaper up.

"Let's find you a house"

"I'm just going to go down to the shops dad, there are things we need." Haruhi said as she stood up and moved to the door, picking up her small handbag and front door keys.

"Okay Haruhi, take care" Ranka called out as he smiled and waved to his daughter as she left.

"Hope to see you later Haruhi, take care out there"

"Me too, see you later dad,Hoshi." Haruhi then left the two in silence before they began looking throughthe paper at houses.

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