Chapter 5

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Draco the Celestial Dragon Spirit and Finding Travel Across the Sea

As time passed by, she caught herself staring up at the dark night sky, her hand moved to her side where a set of Celestial Spirit Keys sat. Lightly running her fingers over them, a small smile forming on her lips as she looked towards said keys before there was a flash of light and an older looking man sat across from her in the small compartment, his hair an ebony black and his eyes as blue as the night sky, his clothes consisted of an blue button-down and black jeans with black dress shoes though his jacket, which was currently folded beside him would shimmer in the changing light of the moving train.

"How are you feeling, my lady?" he asked as she looked up at him, a gentle smile on his lips.

"Tired... Just tired, Draco..." she covered her mouth as she yawned softly.

"Not surprising, considering..." Draco commented as he stood and moved to sit beside her, allowing her to lay her head on his lap so she could sleep, he smiled softly as she held her keys to her chest in an iron-like grip as she fell asleep.

Draco allowed her to sleep like that until they reached the train station in Hargeon which wasn't very long but she needed the rest, but she woke up once the train stopped in Hargeon. Draco helped her to her feet as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and put her keys back on her belt as she made her way outside while Draco went back to the Celestial Spirit World before he was seen by the people on the train. She kept her umbrella away as it hadn't started raining in Hargeon yet so she just made her way to the docks in hope of finding someone to take her where she needed to go before she stopped at a magic shop she found. Whilst she was there she bought a couple communication lacrima before moving back to the docks.

A sigh escaped her lips as she walked along the road, looking towards the boats docked and tied down before the storm could hit, that was, except for one. Hoshi made her way to the large ship, passing by a man inside a small boat who watched her with curiosity as she approached the large ship and up the lowered ramp and onto the ship.

"Hello, is anyone there?" Hoshi called out

"Aye Missy, what ye' be looking for?" came a gruff voice from the rail above her.

Looking up, she noticed a short man with a long grey beard. He wore a purple coat with a sword strapped to his side and in place of his left hand was a gold hook.

"I believe you may be able to help me get across the ocean to where I need to go, even if it's only half way" she informed him as she bowed slightly.

"Who ye' be Missy?" he asked as he approached her.

"Hoshi..." she said as she watched him

"From... Fairy Tail"

"Fairy Tail eh?" show me yer' mark" he spoke as he scratched his bearded chin.

She straightened up and undid the first two buttons on her shirt, pulling one side down to reveal the black Fairy Tail mark above where her heart would be, the mark being surrounded by much smaller markings of the Chinese Zodiac, including the symbol for the cat. Once she knew he had seen her Fairy Tail mark, she covered herself back up.

"So, can you help...?" she asked as she watched him.

"Aye, but first... Where are ye' going in such weather?"


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