Chapter 1

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"I knew I had a few goals in life

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"I knew I had a few goals in finish school, go to college and find a good job. All of the most simple things someone could ask for. I never asked for a lot because I'm a simple girl. When I say that..I mean it,"

Honey wondered why she did this to was a never ending cycle. She would promise to go to bed early so she could get rest for the next day. Next thing she know it would be 2am and she had to wake up at 7am for school. She would rush to school and forget to grab a snack on the way. Then boom she'll be in class with her stomach growling loudly for the whole class to hear. How she manages to do this every single day is beyond her. It was literally a domino effect.

"Girl you must be hungry as hell! I'm all the way back here tryna do my work, but yet all I hear is your stomach growling," Cyn laughed from behind her.

Honey slowly turned around with a long frown and sighed, "You got that right sis. I woke up late and now I'm so hungry like I could really bite into this wooden desk,"

Cyn scrunched up her nose in disgust. Her brown eyes slightly wide. "Now that's just nasty. You know how many dirty lil kids done stuck their gum under these desks? You're gonna be eating nothing but germs and bacteria," She shook her head as she leaned back into the plastic chair.

Honey rolled her eyes in annoyance, "Only you would take me seriously. As if I'd really eat this hard, nasty ass desk. I won't have no teeth left and I'd die from an overdose on germsss,"

Just as Honey uttered those last words, the bell rang loudly above them signaling class to an end. Honey had already been through 2 of her 4 classes of the day. The school year just started a month ago and even though Honey graduates in May. It felt like it was taking forever to get here. She was tired of going to school the workload, the annoying teachers, the students were not worth it.

Luckily, she had her best friend Cynthia Brooks by her side to make things more bearable for her. Honey met Cyn when they were only in 8th grade and they've been attached to the hip ever since. Cyn was the only close friend Honey had. She didn't claim no one else as her friend. Period.

Honey started collecting her books from the table and shoved them into her red backpack. All Honey could think about was getting to the cafeteria and eating something. She was so thankful that it was lunchtime. A break from lectures and an opportunity to eat. What else could a girl ask for?

"Slow down girl that food ain't going no where," Cyn snickered as she watched her friend shove books into her bag as if her life depended on it.

"You don't know what I'm going through right now! Imma forreal pass out if I don't get a fry in my throat." Honey exaggerated fanning herself dramatically. She placed her bag on her shoulder as she and Cyn started their usual routine to Heights High Cafeteria.

"Mmhm you're just a drama queen," Cyn muttered as she glanced at Honey out the corner of her eyes. Honey narrowed her eyes to retort back to what Cyn said but stopped herself.

"Oh lord code red. Check it out right there," Honey whispered to Cyn and that's when Cyn rolled her eyes as soon as her eyes caught a glimpse of the person coming in their direction.

"Damn. Here come Devon dusty, long neck having ass with that faded ass T-shirt that he wears every day. You would think with how much he stay tryna get some ass he could put that energy into getting a fucking job," Cyn replied with a deep scowl, her arms crossed her chest.

Honey knew there wasn't a lot of things that could upset Cyn except thirsty ass dudes that don't take no for an answer.

"Aye Cyn! Yo you look fine as hell as usual. You tryna let me get at you?" Devon smirked as he stood tall in front of the two girls. Devon was a dark skin brother with waves and a nice set of white teeth but all he did was flirt with every female that came within 5 feet of him. He was very annoying and persistent. Luckily, for Honey he never really looked her way because he likes the girls with the attitude that gave him a challenge. Honey never caught no attitude unless you gave her a reason to.

"Devon we went over this million and one times. I'm not interested so get the fuck on please," Cyn huffed as Devon licked his lips at her attitude.

Honey grimaced slightly as she watched the gestures of him trying to be sexy. Keyword trying. Honey ain't the one to judge nobody, but Devon needed more than just saliva to moisten them crusty ass lips.

I know he feel that. Like how can he even talk with all them cracks in his lips? I'm surprised they ain't start bleeding yet. Honey thought to herself as she watched Cyn and him go back and forth. Honey knew that if she didn't step in they would be bickering forever.

"Devon it was nice seeing you but me and Cyn have to get to lunch. See you later!" Honey interrupted as she pulled on Cyn's arm to get them moving towards the cafeteria. Honey wasn't about to let no dust bucket keep her from enjoying a nice juicy burger. Plus, Honey seen that Cyn was starting to get really upset and that's the last thing Honey wanted to happen.

"Girl what would I do without you? Thank you for saving me. I owe you one cause he was really starting to get on my nerves." Cyn smiled gratefully at her bestfriend. Her deep set dimples on display.

"Babe don't worry about it," Honey waved her off. It wasn't nothing Honey wasn't used to. She know how can be Cyn sometimes when it comes to certain people. It was no biggie seriously.

In no time Honey and Cyn made it to the cafe and into the line eager for a plate. Once she got her lunch she took a seat at her lunch table that consisted of Her, Cyn, and 2 twin sisters named Robin and Amethyst. Honey considered them to be associates. They were nice enough for her, but sometimes they could be huge gossipers.

"Hey girlssss!" Cyn greeted as she got close enough to the table where the girls were seated.

"Wassup!" They both said unison with a pretty grins decorating their faces. They were both Dominican with long black hair and they had the cutest accents ever. 

They began to dive into an entire conversation about the latest drama at the school. Honey didn't mind them one bit as she swallowed her burger whole. She didn't care how she looked right now. All that mattered was getting this food in her stomach as soon as possible. But of course all good things come to an end.

"So Honey..we heard a little something in the grapevine about you and Terrell? You know we got to have the accurate tea. Since you're our girl you had to run it by you,"

Honey slowly stopped eating because just like that her appetite vanished. Hearing that name alone always puts a bitter taste in her mouth. She only wished that he did not exist or better yet she had never met that scumbag.

She made eye contact with Cyn and hated seeing the pity swirling in her brown eyes. Seeing that pity reminded her memories she wanted to keep buried within herself.

Honey felt tears began to burn in the back of her eyes and abruptly stood up from the lunch table.

"Fuck him," She said simply as she hurriedly escape to the nearest bathroom. She was not going to shed single tear in front of them. She's grateful they didn't see the tears brimming her eyes as she turned her backs to them.

Honey always hated how sensitive she could be.

Author's Note: I know this chapter is a bit short, but they will get longer as I progress. Sorry this chapter is a filler. Things will start picking up next chapter!

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