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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 29:

My hand was shaking as I unlocked the door to the flat. I was still a little traumatized, that's for sure. The door squeaked open and immediately I heard many voices.

"ROSIE!" Louis tackled me to the ground.

"Lou, get off of me." I groaned. I was too tired to try and push him off. Harry helped me off the ground. Right when I was standing straight up, Pippa threw her arms around me and hugged me tight. I stumbled back a few steps.

"What is this for?" I asked.

"For being alive." Louis said like it was the most obvious thing.

"And why wouldn't I be alive?" I asked boredly.

"Don't try to deny it Rosie. It's all over twitter." Niall said, holding up his phone. I swear he was on twitter as much as he was in the kitchen.

I played dumb. "What's over twitter?"

"THAT FIGHT IN STARBUCKS!" Pippa screamed at me. "DUH!"

"Oh that." I shrugged. "It was nothing. Harry was there. I'm okay."

"It's not okay Rosie! Who was that man? WHY IS HE TRYING TO HURT YOU?" Louis asked.

I decided it was best to tell him. Harry knew already and why keep secrets? Soon it would be out and Louis would find out a much harder way. Their fans were like the FBI. They knew everything. Sometimes, they knew stuff before the boys did. Heck, they were better than the FBI.

"H-He's our dad." I mumbled. Part of me hoped he heard me, part of me didn't.


"He's our dad." I said more clearly. "Your dad. My dad. Our mother's ex-husband..."

Louis just stood there, feet planted to the ground. His eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly ajar. He ran his hand through his messy hair and tried to form words. No sound came out.

"I-I how do you know?" He managed to whisper.

"I'm gonna leave now..." Liam said. He was in the back of the room and standing awkwardly next to Zayn. They went to fetch Niall in the kitchen. Zayn wrapped his arm around Pippa's shoulder as they walked out. Liam was dragging Niall from the kitchen. Harry gave me a small wave signaling he was leaving also to give us some alone time.

"Mum told me eventually." I answered. "It was a shock to me too. The man's been stalking me for five years already and I didn't know who he was and now-"

"He's our dad." Louis said for me. "But why would he try to hurt you? His own daughter?"

I repeated what I told Harry. Louis reacted much worse than Harry did though, if that's possible. Apparently it was though.

"A B-BET?" He shrieked. He started pacing back and forth. "Let me get this straight. It's for a fucking bet. A bloody fucking bet." He said. He used a few more bad words and continued for a good five minutes.

"Louis...Louis...LOUIS!" I screamed. "Stop it!"

"H-how? I mean our dad. OUR DAD! Don't you think I wanna stop! I do! I just-this was the man that had been married to our mother. He's our flesh and blood. Well I can't just stop and breathe and-" Louis coughed and got his voice back. "A BET!"

"Calm down Lou! I'm just not gonna go outside anymore. I'm perfectly fine with staying at home getting takeout from Nando's. I don't need to go out."

"So you're gonna be a couch potato and stay inside eating and eating and eating?" Louis asked.

"That's the plan!" I chirped.

"We need to get him arrested. W-we-"

"Louis, nobody would believe me."

Louis sighed. "I can't believe this."

"No one can believe this."

Yeah...this is like super duper short. Like I'm pretty sure this is the shortest chapter in this whole book and I'm sorry. Sorry sorry sorry sorry. I just thought you'd like a little something and well...yeah. This is dedicated to @BlueEyedBoobear because she's been a fan of me for the longest time. She's been reading my stories since the beginning and was one of my first fans. Sorry for the late dedication but thanks for your support! Love your comments! :)


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