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**this story is copyrighted. please do not steal my ideas, i have been working so hard on this story and it would be a shame if someone stole it and took my work. if i thought of a plot, so can you :) **



I was idly sketching on the uncomfortable bed that has been my only companion for the last two weeks when I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in!", I said, not looking up from the handsome face on the paper that was staring back at me.

I heard the door open and the familiar sound of heels clicked over to my bed. I finally looked up, happy to see my favorite nurse, Sarah.

"How're you feeling, Em?", she said as she started hooking some machines up to my arm.

I was so used the the procedure that she didn't have to tell me what she was doing.

I shrugged, trying to direct my gaze anywhere but at the needle she was sticking in my arm. "I'm fine."

After a few moments, she had gathered my blood sample and thrown away the dirty needle.

I continued to sketch, fully aware that Sarah was looking over my shoulder.

"You are drawing the boy, from that band, right?"

I nodded. "Harry Styles."

Sarah chuckled. "I wouldn't have guessed that you're a fan."

I smirked at her teasing. Anybody that stepped a foot inside my hospital room would know that I adore One Direction. I covered pretty much every bare surface with their posters. It was comforting, having the boys I idolize surround me 24/7. Especially with all that I was going through.

I looked at my watch, realizing how late it was. "Do you know where my parents are? I haven't seen them for a few hours."

Sarah quickly shook her head and made her way to the door. "Sorry, haven't seen them. I'm sure they'll be back soon."

I watched her figure disappear out into the hall, leaving me alone once again with my sketch pad, pencil, and hundreds of pictures of my favorite people in the world.


"You boys can have a ten minute break!", our producer told us from outside our recording studio.

We quickly filed out of the cramped room, all of us needing a break from the long hours of singing. 

I sat down on one of the couches with the rest of the boys following.

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