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"Cisco it's been a week, we have no idea what they had possibly done to her." Barry said practically shouting

"Barry we will find her just go home and rest, Felicity is already working on it." Cisco said to calm him down

"Ya Barr let's go home you haven't eaten for a long time, and I wanna talk." Iris starts

"Fine Cisco call me if you find anything, please don't do anything without me, " Barry Said

"Yeah, man Just go home."

Barry and Iris walked Silently, Barry couldn't help but think about Caitlin. Is she okay, is she hurt, did she want us to come. Until his thoughts were interrupted by Iris, "Barry do you love her." "what?" "Do you love Caitlin, I've never seen you this worried not even when there was a bomb that could kill millions." Barry thought for a while before looking down in shame "Yes". Was all he managed to get out. He turned to see a tearing up Iris. "How long did you love her." "I don't think I ever stopped." "Barry did something happen, tell me the truth I don't want lies anymore." At this point, she was crying, Barry couldn't help but feel guilty. "Yes, It was when you went with Nora the first day I kissed her, then later in the day I went to apologize we watched a movie and we had sex, at first it was a mistake, then it became a routine, I was always the first to make a move. It was friends with benefits, but I started to like her, then when she got worried about me I told her to stop worrying she wasn't.." "wasn't what?" "Wasn't you" 

Barry and Iris stayed silent until she spoke once again "I'm pregnant" Barry looked at her "How long did you know" "Two months" Once again, it stayed silent until Barry got a text from Cisco.

C: Get to star labs NOW!!!

B: On my way, did you find Caitlin? 

C: Hard to explain, just hurry 

Barry looked at Iris at this point she stopped Crying, "Go get your girl" she said smiling as if to encourage him to go. And with that, he was at Star Labs.


Caitlin sat there in the room it was dark and quiet. She hated feeling as if she was worth nothing.   Nothing was as low as she was hated her life hoping it would end right then and there, she had been throwing up all week, after the first time she had been best, the man had just left her alone locked in the room, she had one source of light, one source of water and no source of food. She was weak and ripped from her freedom. She hated the thought of Barry forgetting about her, throughout the week Caitlin realized she was deeply in love with the man in the red suit. 

Just then someone walked in holding her at gunpoint and all he said was "move."

Sorry, this was rushed but hope you enjoyed it, If you have any ideas of anything you would like to occur in this story or any ideas of stories you want me to write just make sure to tell me.

Is anyone else excited about endgame??? ❤️ 

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