21: Impromptu Mini Road Trip

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Uncle T and I sit on the couches, each of us eating straight out of a tub of ice cream. "How have you been?" I ask him.

He sighs. "I've been working on suit mods."

"What else?" I prod. He answered my question with what he'd been doing, not how he was, I noticed.

"Watched some Supernatural."

"Okay. We need to go out and do something. When is the last time you went outside?" I ask him. He's looking sickly.

"I dunno." He shrugs, taking a large spoonful of mint chocolate chip.

"Okay T. Tomorrrow we are going on a drive, somewhere, eat lunch in the sunshine. When is the last time you ate an actual meal?" I rant.


"How do you expect me to come visit you if you don't take care of yourself? I'm gonna stop by one day and find out you died-" My voice raises a bit, and then breaks off completely.

"Okay. I'll try." He says.

"Thanks." I whisper.

We take out our bad mood on the ice cream. It helps.

"So. How was training with your dad?" He breaks the silence.

"He whooped my ass. I did surprise him a couple times." I think back, grinning at the memory of the startled face of my father. 

"You surprised a god?" Uncle T grins at me.

"Kinda my signature. Along with being sassy." I inform him.

"Fantastic." He smiles.

"Some gods would disagree with you there." I grin.

He shakes his head. "How much progress did you make in training with getting your ass handed to you?"

"Well..." I trail off. "I think I'm stronger. More in control."

Tony nods, and then yawns. He shakes his head, as if that will make the exhaustion go away.

"We should get some sleep. You're obviously about to crash, and I'm bone tired." I suggest.

"Fine, fine. I'll see you in the morning." Uncle T surrenders.

"Here, I'll put the tubs away." I say, taking his. "Goodnight Uncle T."

He sleepily smiles at the nickname.

I just manage to change into pajamas before I crash into the covers, and fall asleep.

The room is sunny and bright. It's mostly empty except for a few stray items tucked into a corner. There is music playing, soft, gentle, but steadfast.

I turn and see a girl. She's dancing ballet. Her eyes are closed, but she looks peaceful. Perfectly content in exactly what she is doing. Her frame is like what you would expect of a dancer, I think. Svelte, but strong.

Her raven hair is done up in a bun, but I can see it slipping out of place as she spins and hops. She pauses, and pulls her hair out of the bun. She lets her hair cascade down her back. Half of it is dyed blue. The tips of her hair are electric, and fade to a darker hue and into the black. I'm not sure where the blue ends and her natural shade meet. She pulls her hair into another bun.

She resumes dancing after finding her place in the song.

I roll over in bed, and try to rub the sleep out of my eyes. What an odd dream. I don't know who she was. She never spoke, and I never heard anyone else say anything.

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