Thank you (Not a chapter sorry)

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Wow. Once again you guys have left me speechless.

First, your comments are awesome! They make me laugh. A lot may I add!!

I've been feeling pretty low lately, but reading your comments make me more cheery!

Second, Over 4K reads! Wow. Speechless again! I never thought people would read this honestly.


Personally, the rankings didn't matter to me

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Personally, the rankings didn't matter to me. But knowing that this book is moving up in the ranks, it makes me happy.

To be honest here, I've always wanted to create a book. One that people would read. They would laugh at it. Maybe just maybe Cry.

Not only that but there's some Klance books that weren't what I exactly wanted to read ya know? It's hard to explain. I'm very picky person when it comes to books. And to be honest I hate being a picky person. But anyways thats when my cousin/best friend wanted to make a Klance book. I cheered her on! Thats when she encouraged me to write this book.

Me being me, didn't think I would have time to write a book. School was going on. My siblings are still at that age where they still need attention and stuff. They also come first. Always.

But with her encouragement and my sister's encouragement, I gave it a go. And here we are.

I just want to say a huge Thank You to the people who read this, my Cousin and my sister. Without you guys well, I would've gave up.

Hopefully I'll have a new chapter up soon and if not, then this weekend.

Have a good night/day wherever your reading from. And once again thank you!!

Oh! One more thing! I'm thinking of taking a break from all the angst and stuff. Get these guys through high school. So if you have any ideas let me know please. I legit write on the spot. I will start a new chapter and just go on from there! So ideas from you guys would be awesome!

Thank you again!

~~Z out!

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