Chapter 4:Reunion

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-After Boruto and Sarada fighted they went to eat-

Boruto POV

Sarada and I arrived at Konoha Burger Paradise, or as I call it, heaven. Sarada walked towards the line and I told her I would like a Spicy Chili Hamburger and Shinobi Cola. As she waited in line, I chose a spot near the window. Pretty lucky too, because the view was amazing. 

Luckily, the food came fast and Sarada sat down on the opposite end of me. As we ate, we started chatting.

" So, you got the 'Strength of a Hundred Seal' from Aunt Sakura?" I asked. Sarada nodded. "My mother taught me when you were out of the village."

I decided to share news of my own that only Master and my family knows. "During the training sessions with Master, I found out that I have a Doujutsu in my right eye."

Her burger dropped. "What's that? Papa never wrote to us about it."

"It allows me to see Chakra flow and dimensional travel. Oh, you know the shadow I told you about 2 years ago?" Sarada nodded. "It's apparently the dark Chakra of the Nue Dimension, whatever that is." I explained.

"Well, it's good that you know what it does, but can you control it?" She asked. 

"Not right now, but maybe in the future."

"Well, does it have a name?" She asked."I'm thinking of calling it The Jougan (meaning 'Pure Eye'), since I dreamed about meeting someone that said my right eye is going to clear away all darkness. Sounds cool." I defined. 

"Have you ever found out who'd in in your dreams?"She asked and I shook my head, unfortunately. By then, we were finished with our meals.

-A few minutes later-

Sarada POV

A violet haired girl came to our table 

"Boruto -kun! You're back! Since when?" Sumire asked.

"Hello Class Rep! Let's see.. about 2 days ago actually." I counted with my fingers. "Well then, would you mind if I crash in? Unless, of course, you are on a date." Sumire giggled slightly. 

Why does everyone think I'm on a date with him?! It is just a friendly outing with a friend who I have never seen in the past 2 years! Why is it so hard to understand?!

"Gladly, Class Rep! It wasn't a date anyways!" I replied. 

Turns out, she just wanted to talk to Boruto. It makes sense, since none of us in the village had seen him in 2 years. But, there's this nagging feeling inside me when Boruto and Sumire talked. And is that just me, or is Boruto looking nervous?

NO, NO, NO! Stop it Sarada! You will not think about that. Get. Out. Get. Out.Get. Out.Get. Out.Get. Out.Get. Out!

Then Mitsuki came out of nowhere. Yep, none of us know how he does it, but this time I'm glad he came in. Right on time, too.

"Nice to meet you again, my sun." He greeted Boruto. 

Em, I never knew he was attracted to Boruto! The sinking feeling started again. 

"Didn't we meet just yesterday?" Boruto asked, confused. "We did, but you were too busy talking to your girl- I mean, best friend." Mitsuki teased.

I'm not that stupid Mitsuki. I can see, no hear that you deliberately inserted the 'girlfriend' then quickly changed it into best friend. As annoyed as I was, I was... kinda glad when he said girlfriend. God damn it, I don't know anymore!

"Oh, sorry. What did you want to say then?" Boruto asked. 

Mitsuki pulled out a ticket from his pocket. "I have another ticket to go to the movies. I wanted to ask Shikadai, but he's out on a mission. Does anyone want to come?"

Boruto and I looked at each other, and nodded slightly, It was time for revenge. 

"Sorry, I have to go to grandfather's house tonight." Boruto rejected.

"Papa wants me home, sorry Mitsuki. Why don't you go with Sumire instead?" I suggested.

Sumire looked speechless and started to protest. "I... I..."

"It's alright Sumire. You need to have fun once in a while, you know." I encouraged. 

Eventually, she agreed and linked arms with Mitsuki, which he took. "See you later." Mitsuki waved and left. As me and Boruto walked behind them, I began a conversation.

"It's about time Mitsuki noticed Sumire."

"Yeah, they look cute together." Boruto replied.

-An Hour Later-

Normal POV

They all went out of the fast food place and leisurely strolled to the Hokage Stone Faces. The sun is starting to set, the rays on orange and red shining through the village. 

"It's 5.00 pm, the movie will start at 6 pm." Mitsuki commented. 

"Then, please stop pulling!" The couple argued till they were out of sight. 

"Now that the couple's gone..." Sarada laughed. "Would you like to go to the park?" Boruto asked.

"Sure." And so the two walked, letting the silence fill their world's.

-To be continued-

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