Ruechari ... Poet in Perpetuum

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Poet's Pub has always been a place to call home and even if you've been away for a while like unfortunately I have, not being able to participate like I would have liked, they always keep a chair open for you and welcome you back with open arms.

To become a member of the Poet's Pub is to become part of an international family of Poets, all here to welcome, and encourage you in your craft. You get feedback that will help you grow and not hinder your creative process, but the best part is that you make some real connections which is difficult to do on a digital platform.

The friends I have made through Poets Pub and the Storytellers Saloon have become very much a part of my life. We look out for one another, we care and with each passing year those feeling just get stronger along with the ties that bind us.

That's what makes the Poet's Pub such a special place. It's a place to call home, it's a place to find family, its a place to grow and become, to flourished because you are loved.

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