Climbing Consequences-Bran Stark x Reader

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Ok, so I'm gonna make Bran a little older in this than he was in the pilot. Maybe here his is 12 or 13. And I suck at naming these. 😂



The maids stopped fiddling with the braids in my hair when the tent opening was pushed aside. "Your Highness." They curtsy and I turn around and spot Queen Cersei. I cringe without letting anything show as the maids walk out, not making eye contact with her.

I stand slowly and face her, curtsying as the maids did. "What do I owe this unexpected visit?" I make my voice as joyful as I can.

She steps toward my table and starts to mess with the trinkets that would go in my hair and around my neck. She picked up a gold and silver necklace and held it, not letting anything passed her guarded facial expressions. "Didn't Joffrey give you this as a present for your nameday after you two were betrothed?" The voice she gave me was cold and I could tell that she already knew the answer.

"Yes, Your Grace. He was quite thoughtful." I force the last sentence out with as much kindness I could. I gulp when the queen raises my mother's ring to her eye level. It was a tiny thing, a loose fit for me but never was for my mother. Compared to all the things I have gotten from the crowned prince as a result of the marriage plans, it was nothing, but it was so much more to me. The green stone in the middle shone better than any of the other gems on that table or on the Queen's body.

"Where did you get this? I don't remember Joff ever giving you anything like this." She turned it around in between her fingers.

"It was my mother's ring after she married my father." I simplified the meaning of the ring, so she would leave it alone. She turned to watch me but became unsatisfied quickly.

Her steps led her to stand right next to me, her speaking quietly in my ear. "We will be in Winterfell soon, by the afternoon to be specific. Don't embarrass my son or me in front of the Starks." She smiled sweetly at me. A breeze went through the camp and she shivered before leaving my tent, with me standing there, panting.


The men and horses with the carriage all rode down to Winterfell. When the castle was in sight, I refused to look at anything else. The columns and towers stood tall and mighty and the architecture was breathtaking. The environment made it seem slightly cold in more ways than one, but that didn't seem to matter as we got closer and closer.

The carriage slowed and the Queen got out followed by her children then me. King Robert was making his way down the line of Starks. The eldest son was shaking his hand when I realized that Joffrey was watching them carefully. Wait, no, not them. The eldest daughter, Sansa, I believe. He watched her like a hawk. I tried not to react and faced back to look at the Starks meeting the King.

As Robert finished with Robb, he continued down to Sansa. I felt watched, which I guess was because I stood next to the Queen but when I realized who was watching me, it didn't have anything to do with her. The second to last Stark, Bran, wouldn't stop making eye contact with me. I did the same as he smiled sweetly to me. I smiled back.

Robert finally got to the lordling when he said, "Show us your muscles."

He chuckled a bit before moving his long, brown cloak out of his way and flexed his arm for the king. The King breathed a laugh, "You'll be a soldier." He announced in his bold voice. Bran smiled brightly to him then looked past him to me with slightly more of a smirk than a smile. The smirk couldn't hide his blush, though. Or mine.

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